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Thor: Isa And The Ego

We need our ego for boundaries, for balance,

and for the all-important quality of discernment.

Ann: Thor? I deleted our conversation from the other day, wasn't sure it was you. This time you've been cleared. :)

Thor: Yes, my apologies for the confusion. I was not vigilant in my zeal to contact you, and both of us had, I believe, become a bit complacent about the security of our communications. (Smiling) It’s a bit like your modern day issues with your computers.

I want to speak with you about Isa, the great Nordic rune that means Standstill, among other interpretations. Many who pull this rune believe they will be stymied in their endeavours, but that, in my experience, is not its import.

Isa is the connection between heaven and earth, the road or rod, if you will, that joins the three realms that humans must traverse in any incarnation, namely earth, heaven and hell. Isa is “I” in balance.

Isa is the key. Its very form suggest balance and containment which for those in human form means that the ego is properly engaged. It is not so weak that it can be run over by any wayward force nor so overpowering that it lives to subjugate any and all energies around it.

We need our ego for boundaries, for balance, and for the all-important quality of discernment, the ability to take in a situation, sort it out into its component pieces and determine our attuned path accordingly.

Like most forces, it has a component of entropy, that is, the inclination to proceed along a given path unless barriers are set up to contain and redirect its function when it jumps the track so to speak. And it does this on a regular basis, much to the amusement of those whose enlightened hearts have already spent countless hours in refining and redirecting its purpose in their lives.

This is the inevitable task of all those who assume human form, establish the basis of the ego, then return it to Isa, contained, standing still and standing ready until needed for clarification in the work of many lifetimes.

As you know, it took eons for me to refine my power into a constructive force, and it took my angels, Archangel Michael, in particular to help me to get the balance right.

I can still fall out of balance if I am not careful, and so I have created a little poem to help me remember that Isa, the sacred center, is mine to be claimed at will. Perhaps it will be of help to you also.

Power is great,

Destruction is fun,

Exploding in release

Until all is undone.

But then we have to begin again.

To build from scratch

What had once been whole

And now has to be patched.

Instead, hold Isa in one hand

Your hammer in the other

Until one never moves

Without permission of the Mother.

Then you breathe together

With Creation’s pulse

And delight your soul

With spectacular results.

Then the center will hold

In Spirit's gentle breeze

And what seemed impossible

Is accomplished with ease.

June 3, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Peter-Lomas

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Jun 05, 2022

Love Thor's words, especially his poem! Thanks to both for this post.

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