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Thor And Richard: Directing Our Fire

It is always possible to turn dross into gold,

and each life is a journey to find the key to do exactly that.

Ann: Good morning, Thor, I understand from Anita* that you have something to say to us.

Thor: Yes, M’lady, I do. One of your commenters wondered why Richard is always “putting himself down.” Well, I can understand that concern, though I would not have put it that way.

What it is important in our life journeys is to gather together our experiences and examine them closely to see where we realized God’s holy purpose within us and where we did not. For someone like Richard, there was much that he had to review which he saw in the negative column. For someone of his ilk, that is, with a powerful, pervasive, and charismatic energy, it is critical to review carefully how those gifts were expanded or squandered as the case may be.

Richard allowed himself to fall off the track because of the extraordinary challenges he faced, and the results were not pretty. In spite of that, his bright light still shone for others and reached the hearts of many people, many of them unknown to those who followed his public life.

Though you might not think it, I myself have traveled a similar trajectory though perhaps on a different scale. I was endowed with tremendous power, unchecked really, as I was in some sort of cohesive form at the dawn of the creation of the planet and the genesis of human creation. I just went forth smiting everything in sight. I had no care, or even any awareness, of others.

Gradually, those around me began to impinge on my consciousness, and I began to see that power unchained is power run amok. And yet, I was unable to control my powerful energy in spite of my best efforts. Finally I asked for help, and Archangel Michael answered. He showed me that power can be channeled, that it need not fly out indiscriminately, and that it could be used to benefit those around living in a state of semi-unconsciousness.

Some of this work I did with Richard. Richard?

Richard: Thor, yes. The power within, the creative fire that can scorch or bless depending upon its direction. I knew when living that I was a runaway train. I was afraid to stop and so ran over anything in my path. I was able to love, to touch and care for those in my circle of family and my friends, but I could not be counted upon to control my appetites and my temper.

There were reasons, of course. Ann and I have discussed this at length some of which is in her first book, but suffice it to say that in my review and tutelage here, followed by arduous work applying myself to understanding and compassion the human dilemma, I have begun to be able to channel the overabundant energy that runs through my being. You are seeing some of the results now.

It is not, I wish to assure my little friend who so kindly commented on the previous post, that I am hard on myself, it is that I am using my story, much as Thor has used his, to demonstrate the pros and cons of various modes of travel as we attempt the arduous journey back to Source to claim our rightful and unique position on the Tree of Eternal life.

Everyone has a different energy powering their essential being, most more manageable than mine but no more challenging to direct. For when we are not flung to and fro by the lighting coursing through us, we then have time to sit back and assume that heaven can wait, that we have time to consider when god is upon us, and often we decide to get to him at some later date.

The extreme nature of my energy (and Thor’s) meant that 1) we caused a lot of destruction, and 2) we had to get control or burn ourselves out in a massive conflagrations. With a lot of help, we managed to turn the tide. Thor?

Thor: Yes. And I want to say that our experience of near extinction allows us to bring to you our hard won understanding of the purpose of the lives and energies that we are given.

It is always possible to turn dross into gold, and each life is a journey to find the key to do exactly that. Every key is different but can be found if its owner will ask for help and start on a quest for their own Holy Grail.

Richard and I and many others are ready to help, and in turn we channel the wisdom of our own mighty helpers. It is a blessed journey. Once you have taken the first step, your mind will expand, and opportunities you have never noticed will appear for you.

It is so exciting! If you have not already done so, make a start, ask to be shown who you are and how you can help, and miracles will begin to happen.

March 21, 2021

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Mar 23, 2021

Many, many thanks for your eternal wisdom, given and rediscovered in your experience and lessons, and reflections and asking for help. I am sympatico with being fearful of my energy and power and learning to channel it throughout life has been in fits and spurts! Thank you soooo much for sharing more of your journey both, as it really does do want you intend for us ;)


Mar 22, 2021

Intense, Mr. Ashley Sinclair! (courtesy: Sarah Norton, Circle of Two). Like you Ann, I too was irresistibly drawn to the film. May be that his modus operandi. Don't believe a word of what he says. He is still doing it. 😀


Mar 21, 2021

I found this shared message from Thor and Richard very inspiring. These particular words resonate deeply with me: It is always possible to turn dross into gold, and each life is a journey to find the key to do exactly that. Every key is different but can be found if its owner will ask for help and start on a quest for their own Holy Grail. For I believe that many times when the challenges of life bring us to our knees, we assume we must remain on our knees when in fact this is not the case. I look forward to asking for help and starting a quest for my own Holy Grail. Thanks to Ann for sharing Thor's…

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