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Urox: A Time Of Manifestation And Connection

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Urox and Lithium Quartz

Ann: Hi Richard, I am wondering if I could impose upon you to talk to me about my rune pull, Urox, and Crystal Card Lithium Quartz?

Richard: Well, of course, I have missed our conversations, and am hoping that you will develop a little of my swagger as you carry on with the work you are doing here. I don't fear that you will go too far because you always have your insecurities to fall back on, and so I don't think we have to worry about a swaggering bully emerging from the ice lick of the cosmic cow Audhumla, the original Urox. She was is a sweetheart and did not deserve the treacherous progeny that resulted from her birthing of the human race.

But I digress. Or not really, for you are once again tying yourself down with self-doubt and fear. You are not a bully, love, through you do have the force within you, the force of manifestation as Urox endows you. It is how that manifestation is anchored that makes the difference.

Ground yourself in nature not the ways of humans. Nature can be devastating, but she is not mindfully cruel. She moves according to primal rhythms, and it is for us to adjust. She is the mother of all of our destinies, and heaven help us when we lose, as we have in this moment, sight of that fact. Not to worry, she is reminding us.

Your health is grounded in this realization. You are a creature of nature, a body with rhythms too old to imagine, rhythms that flow into evolving spirals and sine curves that allow you contemplation and movement in equal and balanced measure. These rhythms sometimes require down time, a time of incubation, and sometimes loss and heartbreak. We will never escape this rhythm, this pattern while we are in human form, and our most attuned endeavours result when we are in harmony with our place in this body, in this place, in this time, and in this eternal evolution.

All of this pontification is just to say, love, that you need to relax and go with the flow as they say. There is joy flowing through the world of nature as well as hardship. This is a time for you to bathe joyously in those variations and flow. You are coming out of a period of transition and difficulty and will find that your way is easier for a while, that life will flow in what is its intended direction.

You need to allow yourself to accept it, to move with this current. And then when the current changes and hardship comes, that too must be welcomed as yours, as part of your pattern, as part of the human condition and no less a gift from Source than are the good times.

In each evolution you grow, change, become denser and lighter at the same time, paradoxically more grounded in the earth, in your body’s gifts and limitations, and also more deeply infused with the uplifting light of spirit that will carry you on when this life is finished.

We are called upon to accept, to say yes to every encounter, every stage, and every evolution, for there is sustenance in holy connection at each iteration. Now is your time of manifestation. For God’s sake, don’t waste it in a flurry of self-doubt. Carry on with the understanding that you are on one part of the wheel that is eternally changing and welcome this phase as the gift that it is.

June 26, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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