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Apostle Peter: Finding Your Mission

Ann: Hi Peter, I hear from Anita* as well as some readers that you have something to say to us.

Peter: Well, yes. Many thanks to those who have received my presence. I have a tendency to hover, perhaps be a bit overbearing, but it goes with the territory. Those of us on this side have quite the task trying to get your attention. Many of us have practiced long and hard so, if you have an inkling that we are with you, go with it and see where it takes you.

Tonight I want to build on the long holiday that may of you have celebrated recently but which a considerable number have simply endured. The spiritual life is a winnowing process, the wheat from the chaff, don’t you know, in order to find the gold and hear the voices of Spirit.

Speaking for myself, I had a considerable amount of chaff to shake off before I could hear my Lord clearly. But once I did, there was no stopping me, for my mission was clear.

Each of you have a mission. Some may have come here to go out guns blazing but, for the most part, those are few and far between. Many must tend to a slow and steady excavation of their own life purpose, looking in the oddest places when it gives them a nudge and says, “What about me? Did you ever consider moving in my direction?

Sometimes that simply means waiting with an ear cocked and heart attuned to spiritual channels. Other times it is simply putting one foot in front of the other as best you can and letting whatever light that comes to you be received. Circumstances are irrelevant, intention is key, but it is insufficient on its own.

As you may recall, I tended to lead with intention unsupported by commitment, the latter of which is often can only be found in the peaks and valleys of a life. It is hard to offer a definitive instruction, for something transformative for one person is irrelevant for another.

Here is where excavation allows you to separate wheat from chaff, hollow intention from experienced based understanding and commitment. And, as my own example has shown, failure is required, usually multiple times. Revel in it, my friends, and allow it to lead you where you need to go, for there you will find your mission.

With compassion and love for all of you treading the earthly path.

December 3, 2022

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Dec 04, 2022

I KID YOU NOT.....seriously. I kid you not.

I was leisurely conversing with Pete earlier today, on a couple of occasions. This is nothing less than DIVINE to read, Ann.

Pete....thank you, once again.

I guess I ought to read this now....

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