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Apostle Peter: We Have Been Here Before

As always, discernment is the order of the day.

Ann: Peter?

Peter: Yes, Ann, I have been waiting to speak with you but as usual, the heavenly timing correctly supersedes my own.

Let us cut right to the chase: I lived in times as brutal as any this world has known. Civilization, societies, and entire cultures were destroyed, and that cold phrase does not even touch the human misery entailed. Evil correctly fears light, for that is the source of its eventual death blow. Until that is accomplished, the battle rages on as it always has.

Today, however, its reach and terror cannot be hidden by distance or power or lies. The revelations of technology, so often deployed to obscure the truth, will in this instance do the opposite. Revealed in their essence, those who align themselves with evil will carry the stench.

Thus it becomes clearer to see who we are, where we stand, and what our priories are. For sure, there will be wafflers who try to use this suffering for their own ends, to pin the blame on those whose agenda would expose their own. Yet, once again, the truth will be seen. The many ways the media has developed to screen itself will be brought to the fore, and, though there will be exceptions, there will be no wholesale deception taking root.

The problem to watch for is scapegoating, for that is the last bastion of those who would deny the truth. People, no matter their skin color or ethnic origins, harbour both good and evil in their souls, and each of us will have to choose which wolf to feed.

We will need to distinguish the one from the other and not lump those who carry the mark of Cain into the same category with those whose appearance may bear similarities but whose souls do not.

As always, discernment is the order of the day. Give of your strength to make the other strong whose resonance reinforces your own light. Hold them in your heart and know that exposure is working its way towards truth both in your country, around the world, and in the multiverse.

Every population has seen the dark heart come for them. It is trying to make a comeback, but it will not succeed if we stay steady and tell the truth.

As has been said before, the truth shall set you free. It may take time, it will take sacrifice, but it will not be denied.

August 16, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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