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Auntie Tells It Like It Is

"We gots work to do."

Ann: Good morning, Auntie, I gather you have something to say on the blog?

Harriet Tubman: Sho’ do. Here you sittin’ around thinkin’ that if peoples like what you do then maybe you’s gonna get too big for you britches – and Lord knows that is something you can do. But this is different, chile, ‘cause when you hooks up with the Lord, the Lord takes care of that for you.

And he needs them britches to be a pretty good size cause otherwise you won’t be big and strong enough to lift yo’ head up and walk on out there even if folks is throwin’ tomatoes and such at you. You folks today call it ego, but in my day we called it courage.

I don’t mean that gun-totin’ swagger that some folks take for courage. I mean the kind of courage that lets you look in the man’s eye and see him like he is - jes like you.

It ain’t easy, and you folks have a blown up air-filled replica of the man at the head of this country nowadays. Notice I don’t say he is a man, cause, honey, there just ain’t nothin’ there. It’s a pure shame, not only for him, but for all of you folks who have to tiptoe 'round him to keep from lettin’ him blow the whole thing up.

Honey, I understand. It weren’t that different in my day or any other time that humans been trying to figure out what we’re doin’ on this planet. It might sound strange, chile, but I think we might be inchin’ a little bitty bit closer to understandin’ that we ain’t no different from any other being, animal, river, rabbit, or mountain. We're here for each other, and that’s all there is to it. We don’t have no other purpose.

So when we look at that trumped up figure of air, we see how pitiful he is, and, yeah, we see how much misery and mischief he’s causin’, yeah, but we also see jes ‘xactly what we don’t want to be, and that’s a pretty powerful thing to keep in mind. Add that to the sickness that has taken hold now, and maybe we be beginning to see that we are here for each other and nothin' else.

So’s you jes pull on them big britches and walk on out with this message and see if you cain’t light a little candle. It won’t take much for one, then two, then lots more to make one big ass bonfire. They’s everywhere if we just open our eyes and move towards that firelight as it reaches for the heavens and shines out anything that ain’t real. Go on now. You gots work to do.

May 6, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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