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Clarence Darrow: What We Need Now

Clarence Darrow: Attorney For The Damned

By James A. Farrell

Ann: Attorney Darrow? Anita* said you wanted to talk.

Attorney Darrow: Yes. I am most appreciative of being granted a forum here and understand that you aren’t quite sure of my motives. Certainly that was a battle I had to fight for most of my life for the simple reason that, for most of my life, my motives were, shall we say, mixed.

But today my motives are actually pretty clear. I want to be heard. And I hear you say, that is not enough, and you are quite correct. Those of us who strive to be heard after death are taking up the energy and purpose of those whose bodies and voices are offered, and so, a priori, it follows that that we had better have something of benefit to say to our listeners.

What I have to say is directly related to the turmoil in which this country is embroiled, that is a race and class war. Call it what it is. It has been years if not centuries in the making and is as old as the human race, to wit: I want something, you have it, I take it if I can.

In my life I came to understand both through observation and personal experience that the law of the jungle was a death sentence for many whose only sins were poverty and disadvantaged birth.

The same is true today which is out there for all to see in the last frantic grasp of the many – or those who used to be the many - to hang on. And if they have to do so through corruption and destruction of our democracy, so be it, a small price to pay for maintaining their privileged way of life – or, if their life is not privileged, their perceived position as a member of the ruling class, and, by virtue of that fact, they are better than their fellows, they deserve more, and are thereby entitled to preferential treatment because, well, because they are used to it and they like it.

This election that struggles to birth the new order is limping into view and will be at risk of demolition from the get-go. It now behooves each one of to root out those insidious little whispers of distortion and debasement. We hear them both without and if we are honest within.

Ladies and gentlemen, I beg you to listen, to notice, and to acknowledge the root cause of these little phrases, assumptions and orientations. For these are the things that move the good school to one side of the track and the bad schools to the other. These are the matches that set fires burning and shots ringing out in our poorer communities of color. These are the slogans that are carried in righteousness by the hypocritical members of religious establishments.

We are all complicit. But we can root out that complicity if we call it out, name it, and work to eradicate it from our public life and legal systems.

This is why I came. I saw this light near the end of my career, and a blinding flash it was. From this time on I could see nothing else.

We have made progress, don’t forget that, but we can do more and we must if we are to move toward a country where everyone is equal under the laws and have access to those opportunities, healthcare, housing, and education, that make us truly free.

It’s called sedition by those who live off of others. I call it courage, respect, and compassion, and this is what we need now to take us into the next millennium.

November 5, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

**Please reread previous post by Mary Magdalene, "Hang In." in light of today's news, it was prescient.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Amy David
Amy David
Nov 06, 2020

Mr Darrow. What an honor to make your acquaintance. I love reading your words. They move me deeply and I reflect upon them over and over. I read them many times. I read about you to get to know who you were and what you did. I like the photo of you that Ann selected for your first post. Very distinguished. They don’t make men like you anymore. Haha. It’s just a great photo. Please talk with us again.

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