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Covid-19: What Is It? Why?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I came across this earlier post from White Feather which gave me great peace of mind, so I am reposting it as a companion to the one he gave us today.

White Feather comes to talk to us about the coronavirus.

White Feather: Ann, I come to you on behalf of ancient wisdom. I know such wisdom is sometimes hard to hear because in your world it often involves restraint or even hardship if judged by today’s standards. But I am here on behalf of the planet, my home, my mother, your home your mother, our home, our mother.

Our mother has become deeply unbalanced and disturbed. What you do not realize from the viewpoint of one particular moment in time is that evolution is taking place every moment, every second, and that evolution is deeply and permanently affected by what each and every human, animal, plant and all other beings experience or hold in their thoughts. Ask Mary Magdalene. She is the Doyenne of these myriads of beings,and she has cast herself as protecteress of those who weep for all that has transpired.

She and I come to you because it is not too late to salvage what remains and allow it to become the fruitful and flowering planet that it can be. This is not a brief undertaking. This is not for the exploiters among us. This is for the seers, those who allow themselves to align with the long view. If these, with our help, can present this vision to others, the turnaround can happen.

We must no longer pollute our planet with ash and smoke. It is like a giant volcano has erupted and spewed its contaminated particles into the air to block the sun and destroy our protective layer of atmospheric cushion.

We must notice what we need and take no more from the earth than that. A great joy will come upon us when we create with our food, our clothing, our utensils, whatever comes to hand from the great gifts of Mother Nature. A sense of accomplishment and independence will result from these endeavours, and a great feeling of peace will pervade all living beings on the planet.

And so I ask you for mindfulness. Do you need that napkin, do you need that closet full of clothes? Do you need to clutter your homes so that there is no room to breathe? We are not suggesting hardship but instead a sensible approach to living. Living, not hoarding.

When we do this, there will be great excess, and we will wonder why we attached ourselves to such meaningless frippery. This excess can be made available to others, and we will find our own load infinitely lighter, and they in turn will offer their excess to you, perhaps in goods or perhaps in kindness, gratitude, or some sort of assistance. In this way each of you keeps the other in the forefront of your mind, and this, this living for the benefit of others becomes the true source of sustainability and happiness.

Ann: Covid 19?

White Feather: Plagues such as this have long been with the earth and are a method of readjustment. In times past, as now, such viruses are released when nature is weighted overmuch to one side or the other. Sometimes at human hands and sometimes simply pursuant to natural evolution. When the overweighted side becomes a hungry virus, it lets itself loose on the remaining beings, and such beings become merely the sustenance and means of propagation for the dominant virus and its progeny.

It happens in every sphere of human existence, not the least of which is your current political climate in which gluttons rule the day, where nothing accrued is enough, and where appetites are never satisfied. The Covid-19 virus has arisen to confront these gluttons whose forces who are absorbed only with the search for their next meal, next high, next conquest, and sole survival. When the gluttons look in the mirror, they see the virus, so closely do they resemble each other. Until there is peace and balance among species of all kinds, until there is order that can catch these renegades before they wreak havoc on their fellows, the pattern will continue.

And I come to say that there are many of us on many levels ready to help you restore balance. I speak for the earth, others for the stars, the seers, and the unborn beings that ask only for a peaceful planet on which they can pay homage to their Creator. It can happen. It will happen. How long it takes is up to the humans now grappling with viruses of all kinds.

How bad does it have to get before we can see what forces we have set in motion? That is the only question. Please answer it wisely.

June 29, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Amy David
Amy David
Sep 10, 2020

I felt this was true Back in the spring and it is confirmed by this post. Mother Earth needs us to live more gently on her. I agree.


Jun 30, 2020

Wow this is so powerful

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