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Generosity And Survival In The Time Of Covid

"We are asked to create

so that we can live fruitfully in a world without touch.

Has it occurred to you that that is what

everyone who has passed is doing as a matter of course?"

Ann: Hi Robin, Anita* says that you and Richard both want to talk.

Robin Williams: Yes, good morning, Ann. I say that even though it is afternoon in your part of the world, but it was morning when I first started trying to contact you. I much appreciate the needed boost from Anita.

Ann: Yes, I didn’t hear you, but perhaps I would have if I had tuned in. Can you explain why I can’t hear/see you and Anita can?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, you don’t want to commit to constant availability. It’s a variation on the old theme, “Go away and leave me alone,” which is as old as human time and generally means the opposite, i.e., “I am miserable, don’t want to be told what to do, and no one would want to know me anyway.” Well, love, we do want to know you, but we cannot get past your habitual barrier of retreat. Robin?

Robin: Yeah, what he said. But since we have you, I will jump right in.

You have been wondering about isolation, generosity, and self-preservation, not necessarily in that order. This time of Covid 19 makes these concepts doubly difficult.

When do you reach out to a friend in need when doing so may endanger yourself or a loved one? If you follow the strict guidelines for the high risk category, how do you still remain relevant for others? When you want to offer a service, when do you refrain on the grounds of your own survival or possible harm to others?

There are no easy answers to these questions. Clearly in extremis your own survival will take a backseat to what you can do for others. But, yes, even as you start to reach out, you must see clearly the burden that your own potential illness might have on others and balance the two.

The answer when all else fails is creativity – just as it has been for human eternity. This is a brave new world. The intuitive abilities of many are expanding exponentially. Just look around you at the bourgeoning interest in spiritual practice and interaction with those beyond our own dimension. We are asked to create so that we can live fruitfully in a world without touch.

Has it occurred to you that that is what I, Richard, and everyone who has passed is doing as a matter of course? Consider this a dry run, a time of elevation of your intuitive skills when other means of communication fail you. Yes, of course, the internet, the virtual “face to face” interactions are critically important for we humans must have social contact in order to thrive, but there is more beyond these concrete solutions.

Now, thrown into relief by the enforced silence of many of our avenues of interaction, are our intuitive abilities. These come in many, many stripes, more that you can imagine, so my advice is, don’t try to imagine, just open your heart and your mind to receive and delight in what spirit gives you. That’s what makes a good riff - among many other things.

Ann, your access is often through nature and animals and through a blank page upon which your fingers can transmit whatever you receive. So use them both. There is balance here, balance similar to that between the physical and the ethereal in all walks of life. Let them both work together. Then, when you are restricted physically from the gifts you want to offer, go back to the drawing board, contemplate the problem as you sit quietly observing the intricacies of whatever natural scene is before you or pick up your computer and ask the blank page what it wants to share with you.

You are all learning new ways of learning, functioning. and loving. You are, in short, making a dry run on your essential transition to the Land of Oz where Richard and I now reside. You will like it here and be ever so much more prepared for your transition with a little pre-game practice.

This is one of the many gifts of the virus. Accept and say thank you.

Richard: Most of you have been devoting a some portion of your life to some form of contemplation or prayer. In these times you may find this part of your life front and center. Speaking for myself, this is a good thing because those like Robin and myself have a better chance to get a toe hold, so to speak, on your consciousness. So come visit us. Start a conversation and invite us in. And don’t be surprised when we answer!

August 9, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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6 comentários

10 de ago. de 2020

Thanks for the great comments!


10 de ago. de 2020

Richard and Robin - if you might, please remember I'm still trying to connect with you. And Pete. And the trio of archangels. And Miriam, Jesus, John, and the rest of you who continue to honor us mere mortals reading Ann's words. We so appreciate ALL of you.


09 de ago. de 2020

And ditto, Monique!


09 de ago. de 2020

As I was reading this, I had to constantly stop, and yell, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!"


09 de ago. de 2020

Me too, thanks, Rhody.

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