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Robin Williams: How To Make Sense Of It?

It is a confusing time,

and, believe me, I was one of the most confused.

Ann: Richard, Jesus, is this really Robin?

Jesus: Yes. He has been waiting to speak with you. When living, he feared much that has come to pass and tried desperately to see past the deep patch of darkness that he could feel hanging over all of us. He wants to help you with that.

Ann: Robin?

Robin Williams: Hello Ann. Yes, I have been trying to get your attention. It is a confusing time, and, believe me, I was one of the most confused. I could see the goodness, feel the love surrounding me and pouring out of me, but, even so, many times I seemed to hit a wall.

War. It was ever present in my consciousness. God help us that we should rein such destruction and terror down upon each other. How can we see past that? I had blinders on and could not see anything but the essence of the Bengal Tiger,* the willingness of one human to destroy another for sport or much nothing more than a pair of shoes.

And yet. There was always the one who took off his own shoes for the other. How could they both exist in the same world?

I tormented myself over this. My fountain of energy produced riffs and depression in equal measure on what seemed to be an eternal sine curve, and I was never sure which I would meet on any given day.

I know now. I know that the world, the cosmos and every created centimeter were created by a loving force, one which saw not competition when she looked at her creation but individuality, the priceless pearl of unique qualities as well as the violence that furthered the creative force.

It was an epiphany. We require combustion to expand and violence to grow, but not personal peril. Instead, we need to work in concert with these many disparate forces, some incomprehensible, but all able to be accepted under the umbrella of creative love.

Each life has its traumas, many of which become catalysts to greater understanding and expanded consciousness. Look at your own life and note those difficult times that moved you past a roadblock in your life.

Or not. What did you choose? Did you decline to look past an immediate tragedy and wrap yourself in its downward spiral of pain? Or did you look deeper, push on in spite of difficulties that threatened your sanity or even your life? Which would you choose now that you have the benefit of hindsight?

I know that I gave what I came to give, the gift of laughter at unmentionable topics, unassailable icons, and ordinary life miseries. I could not always see the reason, but I see it now.

We are meant to help each other. That is all. When we lead with kindness and leave judgement behind, we open our minds and hearts to our Creator’s purpose and our own, and we bring joy and leave laughter in our wake. I have come to see that that is a holy mission, and that was mine.

What’s yours?

January 12, 2023

*Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo is a play by Rajiv Joseph. The show is about "a tiger that haunts the streets of [war torn] Baghdad seeking the meaning of life. As he witnesses the puzzling absurdities of war, the tiger encounters Americans and Iraqis who are searching for friendship, redemption, and a toilet seat made of gold."[1] Wikipedia. Robin Williams played the title role on Broadway in 2011. According to the New York Times, as the tiger, "[Mr. Williams] gives a performance of focused intelligence and integrity, embodying the animal who becomes the play’s questioning conscience with a savage bite that never loosens its grip." Charles Isherwood, March 31, 2011

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia, Robin Williams With Troops in Iraq.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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6 comentários

15 de jan. de 2023

Don't you just love a good epiphany? I was one of those that used to ''decline to look past an immediate tragedy and wrap yourself in its downward spiral of pain ''. Then I learned to push through - and that changed my life. Thank you Robin and thank you Ann😊🌈

15 de jan. de 2023
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Whoa and step eloquently, eptly stated, Georgie....damn.


13 de jan. de 2023


I spoke to you last week. I will ask candidly now - was it merely my imagination or hope....we're you listening?

I felt you in the background, not quite ready to come forward.

To you, to all those Ann channels, and,yes, especially to our archangels - I could swear we are communicating, tangibly.

If indeed what I suspect is so, your answer is appreciated.


As always, my best to Pete.

15 de jan. de 2023
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