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Robin Williams: The Golden Opportunity

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Robin: Hello, hello, this is your long lost world traveler reporting for duty, here to give you a guided tour of all that you cannot take in from your limited state on the planet earth.

As you may have guessed, I sometimes transcended that state in my riffs, in flights of fancy, and in the soul deep work that moved my center from one level to another. Bengal Tiger was one, What Dreams May Come another.

In both there was a loosening of bounds, taking off a belt that did not allow me to breathe and letting it all hang out, pretty or not, witness my hairy ass - or, save your eyes and don't. In that state I saw that those trappings mean nothing, that they move with the air around us into nothingness when we allow ourselves to open to spiritual healing and communication.

Many events can ignite this process. It can be a tragic loss or bliss inducing epiphany, or perhaps a real or anticipated departure from this planet, yours or a loved one. To live fully, you must choose to enter in, to bring Spirit into your consciousness. To survive spiritually on this planet, you must choose to be here.

Often it is a death or a life and death choice that opens our eyes to the world beyond. Otherwise we are just too busy, busy, busy – and too afraid to take a good look at who we are, what we are doing, and why we came here.

For you to receive the golden opportunity that each of us is promised, you must open yourself to your original mission. It is never what you think.

For example, mine was not to entertain, mine was to develop an understanding of kindness and compassion for myself and others, both by receiving it and also its opposite.

It was terrifying, let me tell you. The awesome power of Spirit is blinding to the senses, so overpowering that our egos run for the hills, or the martinis and amphetamines as the case may be.

Ann: How do you get yourself to look?

Robin: It’s not that difficult, you simply let life lead you to it, and enter into every situation no matter how frightening, traumatic, or joyful with curiosity as your guiding light.

What do you have to teach me? How can I allow myself to learn? Who can I love who needs my light in their darkness? We then bring the light of compassion and respect, respect for the other’s journey, respect for our own, and the boundaries that lie between us along with the ties that bind.

So try that oldest of mantras, “What do you have to teach me?” and you will find yourself perfectly situated to be amazed and delighted. The world of spirit is the crown jewel of existence, and when it is tempered with the patina of human existence, compassion becomes a living, breathing organism. This is the golden opportunity.

September 25, 2022

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia Images, Robin Williams 2011a.jpg

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Sep 26, 2022

I kid you not, truly, I kid you not...I have been talking to Robin, expressly and specifically, the last 2-3 days, acknowledging his travels while letting him know his presence is wanted, appreciated, revered, etc.

He never disappoints.

Thank you for listening, receiving and following through, Robin.

To Ann.....unending thanks.

Now...on to McCain...your presence, too, would be immensely valued.

Sep 26, 2022
Replying to

This cracks me up!

I realize I am no more or less of import than anyone on this planet.

But it is SO FREAKING COOL to hear from these entities I (think) I might communicate with on a very seriously endeavored whim. I mean, I'm not sharing jokes, old wives tales or just shooting the sh*t.

But it's really FREAKING COOL to hear from these entities, archangels included.


Sep 25, 2022

It's been a while since we heard Robin Williams' words. The longer that he is on the other side, the more insight I pick up from his words. I like "What do you have to teach me?" today. Thanks Robin and Ann.

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