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Robin Williams: Craziness?

I have been feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of what it seems that we are asked to understand so I asked for help.

Ann: Jesus, Merlin, Richard, is this the real Robin?

Jesus: As ever was. He is the very one to talk to about craziness. Where do you think he got his riffs, his wisdom, his instability, and his kindness? Talk to him, he will help you.

Ann: Robin?

Robin Williams: Yes. Hellooooo, Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Yes, it is the real Robin, in charge of the department of mental works, insanity, and outright looney tunes. And at the same time using same to burrow through the real craziness of the world to come at some version of the truth of our human existence.

You see, there really is no such thing as a human being unit. Humans were not born fully formed on earth, nor did they evolve solely from other species. Instead they were created over eons on this planet from many forces. Yes, the evolution of physicality came from the chemistry of the planet and its inhabitants, but the still dawning consciousness of the human came from beings who landed on this planet for one reason or another, stayed, and were caught with us in the web of regenerating lives, evolution, and spiritual expansion.

We evolved from those who wanted more, who wanted to understand and to decide. Many of these came to the planet to help but not just that. They wanted to be a part of this wild experiment where the outcomes were not predetermined, where individual decisions mattered, and where they could feel themselves a part of a whole in which they had a say.

Each of us has a star seed. We all come from star matter and our consciousness is affected by that long history, a history we share with every other sentient being on the planet.

Ann: Robin, stop. This is way too much for me to incorporate into my pea sized brain.

Robin: Oh yes, it is massive, that is why some kind of suspension of disbelief is required just to move forward. Faith and trust must be based on experience. It is the only way. Look at your life. It has been guided from the very beginning. You have always felt it on some level, and you can see it now that you have the perspective to look back over the greater portion of the whole.

Many thought that I was insane, and I often shared that opinion. Where in the hell did those wild juxtapositions in my riffs come from, so insane, so nonsensical that it was not until after they were ripped from me that I could begin to see the patterns. The flow from one to the other was divinely guided, often to dark conclusions which were confronted with their own improbability by the laughter they elicited.

Laughter is not only the best medicine, it is also the most lethal weapon in the universe. What villain can truly withstand the ultimate exposure of their own silliness? It’s just not scary, and a villain can only exist by instilling fear in his victims. Splash him up on the big screen where every fault line is exposed, watch the laughter roll through the audience as he melts like the Wicked Witch of the West in a shower of rain water.

I come here today for you in your uncertainty and anxiety to assure you that what you are asked to do, to comprehend, is not all that serious. Face it sister, there is no way a human mind can comprehend the depth and breadth of the multiverse.

Instead confine yourself to watching the parade go by and taking guidance in your own life as to how to implement the insights and guidance you receive. It’s not that hard. Just follow the yellow brick road and laugh at yourself and the spectacles you see parading with you.

I hear you thinking that everyone will think you’re crazy if you claim what you hear and see and what you know - and then being ashamed that you care. But everyone cares. Richard is right, we serve two masters, the earth and the stars, the laws of man and the wonders of God. That, love, as Richard would say, is the ultimate in crazy-making.

And yet we chose it. We did not want to live in never Neverland where all was preordained. We chose the storm so that we could feel the wind at our back or sometimes in our faces, so that we could be a conscious part of our own evolution, and so we need not be surprised when we reap the whirlwind upon occasion.

Each one of us in human form is on a hero’s journey whether we accept it or not. If you turn your head and shut your eyes now, there is nowhere to go but down, and, let me tell you that is a very boring and depressing place to be.

Yes, living is scary, and yes, there is evil trying to get a monopoly on power, but always, always there are guiding lights in one form or another to lead us into our part in the adventure, the hope and the expectation of taking the earth into a community of civilizations that learns how to contain the beast without killing its spirit.

It is for each of us to solve that puzzle for ourselves. If we let fear turn us around so that we no longer participate in the adventure, we become a stone helping to weigh the whole shebang down to the bottom of the cosmos.

So pick up your insecurities and fears, tie them in a bundle on a stick over your shoulder and whistle a happy tune on down the road of life. Cry when you have to, scream when you must, and always, always laugh at the whole thing until that laughter lights up the heavens.

This is what we bring, this is what we offer, this is the unique human adventure for which we came.

July 6, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, ThreeMilesPerHour.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jul 31, 2022

Such a fun, easy and uplifting way to put it - here to enjoy the ride!


Jul 06, 2022

At the risk of repeating myself, there's two paths to take - fear and love. It's a no brainer as to which is the one to follow. Thank you SO much Robin and Ann. Much Love ❤️️🌈

Jul 09, 2022
Replying to

Yes, it's a no brainer but why too often does love feel like the tougher road?


Jul 06, 2022

Simply and thoroughly brilliant.

Oddly enough, I've been thinking often of Robin as recently as the

last few days, eagerly looking forward to his messages.

Thank you to both of you, Ann.

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