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Robin Williams: Say Yes

Every time the opportunity arises, say yes.

Ann: Jesus, I think I am hearing Robin. Right?

Jesus: Yes, I imagine you are. He would be hard to miss when he wants to make a point. Go ahead and see what he wants to say, we can catch up later.

Ann: Robin?

Robin: Well finally. Where have you been? Did I have to throw those myself at you to get your attention?

Ann: I guess so, Robin. How are you?

Robin: I am busy, really hitting my stride over here and available to any who want a little one on one with the old fraud turned angel, ha ha.

Ann: Are you an angel?

Robin: In a manner of speaking, if by angel you mean someone who has invited the mother load of light in and is spreading around as fast as he can. But no, in that I am still a working stiff with earthbound roots, things to process, matters to resolve, and people to play with.

I want to talk to you about dying - and the rifs I could put that into still manage to delight me. John Wayne as an angel, cowboy boots and all, “W-e-l-l, this isn’t exactly what I expected….” Mahatma Gandhi, “You mean they let you wear clothes up here?” Our dear Ruth, “Excuse me, St. Peter, but before we proceed, I need a word with you about cherubim employment rights…”

But back to the task at hand, and that is the subject of dying. I know you thought I was going to talk to you about death, but that is old hat, everyone and their cousin has spun a tale about going toward the light, meeting up with the old buds and fam, doing the life review and being subsumed in love.

Not that it isn’t a wonderful, worthwhile, and truthful tale, it is, but dying seems to get much less attention, and that’s what a lot of people worry about.

I didn’t myself because the spectre of the life that was facing me and my family was so horrible that, whatever the pain, the griffin tormentors, that was nothing compared to what I and my loved ones would have suffered had I allowed my life to continue.

And yet I was afraid, as perhaps many of you are – and with good reason. Entering into the process of dying is like going to a foreign land where you don’t know the customs, nobody speaks your language, and where, once you have turned the corner, you are pulled along by a team of horses that don’t have stopping in their vocabulary.

I won’t lie to you, it is scary at first, disorienting and confusing. Sometimes you have with pain mixed in before it gradually recedes. Sometimes you are blown over in a rush like old Yosemite Sam when he was gunning for Bugs Bunny, “Ka BLAM!”

This is when practicing letting go beforehand can be invaluable, so I am suggesting to each one of you that you look around your life and simplify. Let go what no longer serves you. It can be an outdated washing machine or a habit of ginger beer. Or, in my case, stepped up several notches from there. Look around for whatever has you by the short hairs, and that's where the money is.

More importantly, every time the opportunity arises, say yes. Yes, you can have my stuff, yes, I will accept this infirmity, yes, I will let go of my favorite hatreds, yes, I will accept help, yes, I will give whatever I can to my friends and family, and finally, yes, I accept the method of death, whatever it is, that is coming for me. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Now I don’t mean you should become a limp noodle letting every Tom, Dick, and Harry run over you. Really just the opposite, because with every external yes, your internal fortitude grows, your connection to your Life Source blossoms, and your earthbound vision begins to give way to something else.

You will then see with wise eyes because you have let yourself join the club. Say yes, and dying becomes not only your adventure but your friend.

July 31, 2023

Free Image Credit: Seaq68, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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2 комментария

31 июл. 2023 г.

I wonder just how prophetically poignant this message actually might be.....the span of time will reveal.

05 янв.
Ответ пользователю

Yes, I wonder too and find myself comforted.

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