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Harriet Tubman: A Time For Connection

While some folks out there fighting for justice,

let’s some of the rest of us reach out to those who been hurt.

Ann: Good morning, Auntie.

Auntie: Good mornin’, chile. I been with you a right smart lately, you and lotsa folks who’s havin a hard time lookin’ at all these hard-minded people who wants to takes us back to the “glory days.” Their “glory days” or so’s they think, but the world has gotten smaller, and you cain’t jes sit in yo’ corner and torment the weaker critters anymore cause, sure as shootin’, some reporter type is gonna be peerin’ in the window, and the next thing you know you on national TV - or maybe in jail.

Now I know lots folks are usin’ that world connection to pass out lies just so’s they can watch them take off and catch fire. Who you think sitting up there laughin’ at you when you stupid enough to scale the United States Capitol? Them Trump folks up there laughin’ they heads of that you actually did what they say. And now that it worked so well, you gots lots more folks tryin’ to dip they toes in that water and see what kinda trouble they can stir up too.

But that's not the only thing comin' across the lines. The other thing that’s happening is the connection that we been learning to make in this time where we so cut off out from one another. Yes, we alone in one way, but we more connected in others.

You watch and see. That connectedness is gonna help us more and more see ourselves as a larger family. That baby that needs help out in Washington State can get that help from a family in Washington DC - and even from folks all over the world.

Now, I ain’t’ stupid, and I know it ain’t the norm yet. But you listen to Bobby and John. They tellin’ you that this is the time to make a big change. And while they out there fighting for justice, let’s some of us reach out to those who been hurt. Jes pick one and start there. In yo' community or 'cross the world, it’s all the same. Let’s start here and see if we can get these lines of God's connections a hummin’ along.

It bring a smile to my face. How ’bout you?

January 19, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 comentarios

20 ene 2021

Yes, it makes me smile to know we can all help. I've never been so vocal in my life with regards to taking a stand for what is right or for love, or writing to elected officials, and I'm feeling it's time for us to raise the vibrations up even higher again, as everyone needs to feel that vibration throughout their bones to carry on as fractels of Archangel Michael to slay the fear and bring to love!

Me gusta

19 ene 2021

I love Auntie, Ms. Tubman. She was and still is a strong, caring, courageous woman. It would do us all well to have a little of that in us. Thank you for this channel and post Ann!

Me gusta
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