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Harriet Tubman: This Is The Time

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Ann: Mrs. Tubman, I have had the feeling for several days that you wanted to speak with me.

Harriet Tubman: So why has it taken you so long to get yo’ fanny over heah? An I tole you to call me Auntie. We go too far back to stand on ceremony. I want to tell you that you and yo people needs to get on out theah. You gots this new blog wheah we can say what we need to say but less’n you get yo’self out theah, it don’t do no good. Now you sit down with Lil Davey (he’s a right nice little boy, that’un) and let people know that it ain’t you who’s talking, it be a slew of folks who wantin’ this country to stand up for the right of all, and I do mean all its citizens.

You look around at that group you have heard from and who on this blog and a mo’ committed group of activists you’d be hard put to find. Even thems who may have lain low while livin’ are all fired up now. And that's what you got goin' for you. None of this sittin' around and stewin’ in yo' own juice. You ain’t the one who's important. It’s those folks who’s being stepped on and trampled who don’t have no one to speak for them.

You let peoples come on yo’ blog and see that we still fightin’, we ain’t never let down our fight. We want to show you people God’s country that you could make happen right where you livin’. This is the time and if the time ain’t taken, no tellin' if it will come again. God is love, don’t doubt it, but he cain’t save us without us pitchin’ in. Whatever you do, wherever you are, set down right now and open yourself to the way of God. Me and Martin, Jack and lots of others will be there marchin’ with you.

And don’t you forget St. Cathy and St Teresa, them and lots of others are right here waiting on you asking them to help. Your readers can open theyselves to this love, and they will hear from the one they need to hear from. Don’t slow down, baby, it’s in our sights now, the kingdom of God is a'comin’ iffin we let it. Don’t you go pussy footin’ around and sayin as how you ain’t sure of what you doin. You know what you doin’, we done tole you so you get off yo ass and get to doin.

Ann: Yes ma'am.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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02. Nov. 2019

"Lil davey" brought me here. I have enjoyed and been reassured by reading your blog. I wasn't a big Richard Burton fan but I do remember his sonorous voice and sometimes as you write I can hear it in my own head. That must be very comforting. I am relieved to know we are not in this alone but like you I am struck with the very little I can do. So I'm working hard to cultivate peace in my own heart and my home/community. I can't wait to read more!

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