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Inside Out

Robin Williams, "Bengal Tiger At The Bagdad Zoo"

“I left you behind,

but you can find me

if I don’t wander too far away.”

Avett Brothers*

I am not living what I know. I receive these beautiful messages of absolute truth and then go about my life apparently unconscious of these gifts.

Ann: Robin? Can you help me with this? Anita** says you have something for me and for our readers.

Robin: Yes, right here, Richard also around the corner.

Ann, the earth’s atmosphere is becoming thinner - both physically and metaphysically. Surely each of you have noticed that you can reach out your hand and find God more easily than in the past?

When we are blessed with these moments of clarity and light, we are in a high frequency state of being, but most of us cannot sustain that state without tremendous commitment and practice. This is why the great spiritual leaders, meditate and practice several hours at a stretch and periodically throughout the day. The buildup of residing in that zone of light can then carry them through times when they are interacting with the rest of us on the planet.

And for that rest of us, that isn’t our lives nor was it meant to be. I know whereof I speak as I could elevate myself to that zone or an approximation thereof in my riffs and performances. The down side, however, could be pretty horrific because I did not have the balance achieved by the great masters.

I, as many others before me, turned to chemical substances in the hope of some relief but to no avail until I was thrown back upon my own resources and forced to look at myself. It was then, in fits and starts, that I faced up to the constant reality of spiritual connection. I did not always maintain it, but it carried over no matter how far I wandered off the reservation.

You too have experienced such a down side to spiritual opening, but it is usually not so dramatic that you cannot revert back to your “normal” life as it were in a short period of time. And yet the cumulative effect of your writings are having an impact. You had Dorothy Day with you most of yesterday, and don’t say you didn’t notice. She sees a fellow spirit, as unlikely as that may seem to you, and she wants to help you hold it in the road.

You say that you do not carry these experiences into ordinary life but that is exactly what you are doing in carefully calibrated doses. Each one of us who connects regularly with spirit, albeit not always in such a formal way as the great masters, will find their lives changed like it or not.

The point is to continue the contact however it manifests for you. Some of you will be artists, musicians, gardeners, house cleaners, swinging from the chandeliers, or poets to name a few ports of entry. Find yours once and you will keep coming back to the well. And if you leave, we will find you because you won’t wander too far away.

Richard: Yes, love, what he said. Have you not noticed my pesky self hanging around even when you feel you could do without the distraction? As is true with every one of you, your guides are present whether you want them or not. And once you have gotten to know us, such is our charm that you won’t want to wander too far away. Give over, do, love. You are not the Dalai Lama, just be who you are.

July 14, 2020

*Avett Brothers, "Bleeding White" from album Closer Than Together.

**Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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