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Jesus: The Endgame, Aim To Be Transparent

"You, each of you, must push on,

let yourself be pulled out at the edges

until your very life is transparent."

Ann: Jesus, Anita* said you wanted to speak with me.

Jesus: Yes. You are trying to refine your purposes and cut away those strings still holding you to outgrown perceptions and prejudices. Yet so comfortable are these old shoes that you find yourself balking at taking the final step out of them into uncharted territory, and even when you manage to dip a toe into unfamiliar water, you cannot bring yourself to throw away those comfortable old shoes.

I have said before that the only avenue to progress is one of love. Coercion in any form derails the ascent and shuts down frequencies which align with ethereal beings who can connect you with your past lives and your present purpose.

In the meantime, I want to walk with each one of you more often, let you feel my presence, hear my voice so that it becomes, if not commonplace, at least comfortable in your world. For you are in my world and I in yours. We have been together before, sometimes tangentially, sometimes in closer contact, sometimes running in tandem.

However, at the last moment, Ann, you have broken away from the charted road because of the extortionate forces of fear which lead you to doubt your ability to withstand the flame, to carry on when challenged.

You are trying to break that pattern now and in the process have found yourself leaning on other props, your sweets, your wine at night, the ongoing soap opera of the nightly, daily, and even hourly news, all of which distract you from the great battle you are waging within your soul. But...

I bring you good news.

Ann: And tidings of great joy?

Jesus: Very clever. But yes, I believe they will be received as such. And glad I am to see that your independent observer is alive and well because that is what will convince you that what you are doing is real, viable, and worthy a commitment to the end.

Ann: I guess that’s why I have a fellow feeling for Peter, huh?

Jesus: Yes, and Judas too. To lie and hide and take what you want for yourself is not a strange inclination for you, and this is why you are now coming into your own as a counsellor. You understand and do not judge. This is what I want to talk to you about. This is where your forte lies.

Ann: So why do I seem to be stuck?

Jesus: Because, you intransigent old thing, you will not sit still long enough to let me finish my thought.

Ann: Sorry, sorry, you have the floor, I am all ears.

Jesus: Thank God. Literally. Not that I don’t enjoy the back and forth, but this time I – and you – need to finish out thoughts and our mission in this life experience, and for that you need to hold your distractions at bay.

You need to reach out to bring people further in to your orbit so that they can avail themselves of your access and your channeling ability, not just to bring other voices to their attention, but to show by word and example the openings that are granted them, first through you, yes, but then on their own. They in turn will spread this message to others and so on. Everyone can do this in their own fashion, and I am here to lend a hand.

What you are doing now is important. but it is not the end game. These are merely the building blocks. You, each of you, must push on, let yourself be pulled out at the edges until your very life is transparent.

You can feel what I mean, can’t you?

Ann: Yes.

Jesus: Remember it. This is what you are going for, the fading away of the little self so that your soul is revealed to yourself and others in everything you do.

Ann: Jesus, I would have to be a saint to do this.

Jesus: So?

Ann: So? So? Easy for you to say....

Jesus: You won’t know until you aim in that direction. And you can be a very entertaining saint with a dark past that intrigues your followers.

Ann: Sounds like a movie script….

Jesus: Most of the good stories do. You have been aiming too low. Try something different.

October 9, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Yeah, me too...


Karen Grace
Karen Grace

I was struck by, "you are aiming too low!"



Ann, thank you for explaining - I wasn't sure if it was a metaphor or actual physical experience. Regardless, I can only imagine how profoundly fascinating this must feel.

And thank you for this blog. It has become integral to my existence .


Carol Baum
Carol Baum

Amy, I think maybe just take the message and let it roll around in your head even if it doesn't make sense to you. Then let it go. If you are meant to understand, it will come back to you unexpectedly. It may not apply to you and that's ok.


Amy David
Amy David

Ann, sometimes these messages Seem to be for you mostly. But I don’t know you very well yet ( I imagine I know some things). When you get a message like this, do you know what Jesus is asking of you exactly? I feel like I’m mostly in the dark trying to figure out where to go and what is possible and how to get there. Some things I know are true and I search for the light that is out there for me. You are able to hear Jesus and write something down for us to read. I can’t even do that! But that is not enough Jesus seems to be saying. Do more Ann. I can’t ev…

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