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Jesus: Anita's Journey and My Consolation

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Anita's Morning Journey

When I crossed over Merlin, Richard and Jesus met me with a “Good morning - let’s go for a walk and relax today.” I thought this is really nice as I don’t have a task. We walked a short distance, and we were at the tree on the grassy mound overlooking the small town. The sun was shinning and the sky was blue with some pretty white clouds.

Jesus sat on the grass with Merlin, Richard and I. I turned to him and asked, “Do you ever get tired?”. He smiled and proceeded to speak with me:

"I do not get tired as you experience or as I did when I walked the earth as I do not have an earthly body. I do experience a feeling of frustration in attempting to bring the same message as I did when I walked the earth. Love, love yourself and love each other.

Sadly for many who are not awakened this is a difficult path and they do not choose it. But rather, they take comfort in the dark energies that wander about, greed, jealousy, a lack of empathy for others. There are some so entrenched in these feelings that the small light of love that is within their souls can hardly be seen. Even the reality of standing accountable for all their actions does not deter them. They take joy in the domination and pain of others.

There are times when the conditions on the earth bring me to weep as I did when I was on the earth. But my oneness with Source, with true Love, empowers me to continue my journey to provide love, guidance, support and protection to all who request it. We who continue to connect with those on the earth are extremely grateful for the light workers, like you and Ann and the individuals who have awakened and who choose love above all else. We could not achieve the results we are seeing without the help of those who feel the love of Source."

At that moment, Archangel Michael appeared on Jesus’s left side and Archangel Raphael on his right side. Jesus said that help is available to all. God/Source created the angels to help us. We need only ask for the help. Michael smiled at me and said there are several of us, many who stand by as guardians and many who are Archangels. We cannot violate anyone’s free will, but we stand ready to serve and protect. I felt so much love and support.

Jesus said he would be most appreciative if Ann would post this conversation on her blog, but asked if she would connect with him first as he would like to speak with her prior to add more to this.

Ann: Anita said you wanted to add something to your conversation with her this morning.

Jesus: And you are responding like the good little do-bee you are. But you are not feeling it in your heart, are you? You told Anita you were intimidated by me, but you are not. You have held my head in your hands and given me ease when weariness overcame me. You know that there is no hierarchy in souls so that is not it.

What is happening is that you are being worn down by the misery engendered by this president who cares nothing for his people or the crushing hardship they are enduring. The souls of Diana's children still weigh on your heart. But John was right. You cannot let outside horror contaminate internal light.

As I told Anita, we get tired just as you are now. But this time you are at risk of letting discouragement get the upper hand, and I know that that is the case with many of your readers. I heard you ask the ether this morning, “Do really believe this stuff? That everything will work out, and the world will make a cosmic shift into a more harmonious relationship with the universe?”

You were thinking of asking Anita about this, but I heard your question. You did not want to bother her or drag her down, but the counsel she would have given you is mine also: When these feelings start to gain sway over your psyche and archetypal energy, look to Source, for there resides the light. If that fails, then call my name, and you will hear me say,

“Yes. Light will prevail over darkness and rule the mores and structures of the planet. People will of necessity come to their senses, literally, as they allow their senses free rein to reach out and pick up on what Source has created above, below and around this little world here. We are but grains of sand, we carry our Creator’s message, nothing else is required of us. We cannot lose faith for that would be to doubt our own existence and origin.”

So let yourself rest and recharge. This world, these times take a toll, and care, as John reminded you, must be taken to keep the goose safe and well so that the golden egg can be delivered with full honours.

You are tired just as I was tired, but neither will you stop because there is no place else to go but on.

As you do so, you will be lifted up, not just by the guardians who travel with you, but by the people who walk beside your who have taken your hand when you falter and allowed you to lean on their shoulders until your well-being is restored – as you have done for them times out of mind.

The journey is long, no doubt about it, but the rewards are greater than you can imagine. When the wholeness of the universe is revealed, you will see face to face. In the meantime, lift your eyes, and you will see my face, and I will walk with you.

April 24, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at ttps:// .

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo

Ann, I don’t think you needed to hear this from Jesus. You know, I think, at least. I will take time today to send Live to the sparks in the hearts of darkness. I wish I was dedicated enough to do what you do! I know the benefits of meditation but, we’ll, you know.💜🙏💜



As so often happens when I read the messages you bring forth to us, I am in awe, and humbled, and lifted up, and expanded. In much gratitude...



Carol and Kae, thank you for these beautiful comments. Ann



That was truely beautiful 😥🙏❤ Thankyou Ann for bringing Jesus's message here for all to read. ❤ I really appreciate all the wonderful posts - this one touched my heart as he always does.😊


Carol Baum
Carol Baum

As I began to read this, I received a message - "Love shall set you free." So simple. Love yourself, love others as yourself. There is freedom in that. This post truly resonated with me. Blessings to you, Ann. We will get through this difficult time.

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