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Jesus: Let's Talk

 We all travel in tandem.  Even the darkest time has its impetus.

Ann: Jesus?


Jesus: As ever was.  You think you need a good reason to contact me, but really, I just love a good conversation.  And now it is the time, my friends, to talk and keep talking constantly to me, to your angels and guides, to each other and to the many spirits in your life that lift you up and keep you on the road to Damascus. 

          That is where we will all converge, not literally, but spiritually the place of gathering, the hub that supports many spokes, the center that sends out  lightworkers to travel, to speak, to read, learn, and give in every possible circumstance reality  to our Creator’s love.

            We all travel in tandem.  Even the darkest time has its impetus, its relevance for each and every journey.  The point, my dears, is not to get caught up in the darkness, in tentacles that beckon us to fear and hopelessness.  Turn away from those minions that live to suck you down.  No judgment, just remove yourself and your energy from that which does not serve the light.

          Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But as we know, it is no such thing.  In these times, not unlike my own, repression is on the rise all in aid of supporting the angry egos who seek justification by imposing their will on others, 

          There have been many such cycles in the evolution of humankind, and each one, we think, will be the one that shows the world the futility of such hopeless endeavours.  The self-made man and his power brokers perish by their own, and, we hope,  will not return, for surely we have seen the error of our ways.  But sooner or later, we become complacent and that dark energy sneaks through the cracks, and before we know it, we're looking down the barrel of evil once again.

          The trick this time around is to break the cycle without descending into full scale mutual destruction.  Such is not necessary, and this time we have the chance to revamp and reknit our societies with a different warp and weave, to let those who would destroy die in a lonely bunkerhead of their own making,

          Rejoice in your own creative light.  This is what will save the day, for your light shines for all.

May 3, 2024

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May 04

Whoa.....I mean, how does one respond to Jesus...?


May 06
Replying to

Just occurred to me that this applies to personal relationships as well- or even more than global ones. So maybe that’s a response….

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