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Spirt(s): It's Not What You Think

Okay, this is weird, so I offer it for you to take or leave as you feel best suits you. For the past several weeks, whenever I tune into Trump, a smile, almost a grin comes to my face. And also when I tune in to someone who is a gentle soul, I also get a smile but a much quieter one. It is so odd, and I keep feeling energy around me, so I asked.


Ann: Is there something you want to say to me?


Someone: Yes, Count your blessings.  The world may go up in flames, but your world is holding steady and will absorb competently the shocks and fibrillations coming at you. 


Ann: Why do I feel a smile when I think of Trump?  It is both extremely consistent and very confusing.


Someone: (Smiling)  You are picking up the true nature of his journey here.  He has taken on the role of Satan, the willing sacrifice to show the world what can happen when light is extinguished - and very apt he has been at this project.


Ann: Wait a minute.  You’re saying he’s a good guy?


Someone: No.  in fact, he has managed to extinguish the light almost completely within his own being, and that was not an easy thing to do or to live through, and, though he accepted this perilous assignment, he will have to confront the arduous task of climbing out of the pit he has created.  Not many could tolerate it.  However, his motivation did not originate in darkness but in the willingness to allow an example to be made so that the stark consequences of choices for ego, power, and isolation are there for everyone to see.


Ann: Right.  Sorry, don’t see it.


Someone: Of course not.  It wouldn’t be effective if you did.  And you did ask.


Ann: Was Hitler the same thing?


Someone: No.  That was a truly dark energy with power and execution.  Trump will fail, and that is his mission.  And that is why you smile.


Ann: Is that you, Richard?


Richard Burton: Of course, can’t you tell?  Took you long enough. Who else is always at the ready to pick up the slack?  Don’t answer that, there are many of us, but surely you recognized my ironic tone and beautiful diction?


Ann: Guess not. 

What about the gentle, rather frail soul who keeps showing up?


Richard: Above my paygrade, I’m, afraid.  Life and death, the timing thereof, is not for sale here, though it should be possible to sense energy falling or reviving.


Ann: Why do I get t smile coming to my face when I tune in?  Like with Trump but softer, a grin versus a smile?


Richard: Because you have tuned into an angel who will never leave those whom she has sheltered.  She may change form, dwell in spirit instead of the body, but she will still reside in the heavenly space that is her own and that she gives to others to expand their light with hers.  She will be just as available, just on a different frequency – much as I am here. And so you feel the smile, the kindness and caring.

It is different from Trump but the avenue is the same.

          So when you listen and think you hear, when you watch and think you see, look closer, it may not be what you think.

April 4, 2024

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Alex_Hern.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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Apr 05

I've been saying for years that Trump is dumb evil vs someone like Hitler or Putin, which is smart evil. On one hand it is so frustrating to watch people fall for such kindergarten level dumb evil (Trump makes it so obvious), but on the other hand it is a blessing we don't have to deal with someone like Putin (poor Russians don't stand a chance). Either way I would not want to go through Trump's or Putin's life review.


Apr 05

She is indeed an angel, in every sense of the word.

Thank you, Ann and Richard.....thank you.


Apr 05

Hahahahaha. Very sneaky Richard! The other explanation Ann, is that perhaps you were experiencing schadenfreude. You know what trump is experiencing and you take a certain pleasure in his slow downfall and mental anguish. I mean no offense by that of course - it's a natural human emotion. Anyway, thank you both. I always look forward to hearing from Richard. 😊🌈

Apr 05
Replying to

You could be right…🤪


Peter Barker
Peter Barker
Apr 05

I found that quite helpful.

I was taught unless you ask the question you'll never know the outcome.

Thanks for asking the question.

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