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The Pleiadeans:

Earth Day

 Ann: Please would you talk to me.


The Pleiadeans: Yes.  Apprehension is natural in the human state, particularly in times of great transition.  You have been wondering about why this planet was set up the way it is where humans – and the natural kingdom also - seem destined to fail. 

          My dears, the Earth is such a tiny fraction of the sentient world.  There are levels upon levels that stretch into dimensions beyond the imagination of even the most expansive human mind.  The earth was given as mother/father, lover, keeper to sustain those who had lost their way and wanted to try a new experiment, that is, how to survive without divine input and guidance.      

          And she has been a patient and tolerant teacher, but her cycles are now stressed to the point that she must make accommodation.  She acts not in fury or even sadness, just as a necessary accommodation to the changes that have occurred.

          Not all of those changes are manmade.  Many are part of the plenary cycle of evolution.  Nothing lasts forever, but neither does it disappear.  We are all part of the expanding sine curve of multiversal creation, and we must all submit to its pulsing rhythms which, though so wide spaced, are just as implacable they are almost imperceptible.

          What humans have done, however, to their detriment and to the detriment of the natural evolution is to impose upon the planet a smaller mindset of dreams and aspirations, many of which have little to do with the beneficence of our almighty Creator.  These superimposed systems do not allow for integration, but sit on the surface of the planetary function much as an ill-conceived structure sits on top of the land as an alien object.  Its very lack of integration with its surrounding makes it an eyesore and a disruption.

          But this is not always the case.  Look around you for those enhancements, for those engaging activities that build upon the partnership of planet and human.  We come to enhance our basic natures in partnership with our Mother Earth. 

Many say that is impossible but many more have achieved it and in some of the lowliest and least noticed places.  It is in these enviorns that we must focus our gaze, take into our own energies the uplift from those whose vision offers balance and light.  As we do so, the army of enlightenment will grows and absorb the petty ambitions that have for so long driven the human race.

          You say it can never happen, but it can.  It is happening now if you know where to look.  Broaden your vision, look into corners and alleys never noticed before and become one of the pilgrims who carry and expand the light. 

Rejoice, it is happening.

April 16, 2024

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 

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