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The Pleiadians: Not The End Of The World

As you begin to accept the really not very startling knowledge

that your race is not alone in the multiverse,

you will become easier in your mind.

Ann: Pleiadians?

Pleiadians: Yes. You have been dodging us, anticipating rejection and ridicule from your peers, those whose commitment to a worthy cause yet has boundaries around the accepted sources of divine inspiration and knowledge.

Do not be too concerned. Your mettle is being tested. Your path is through not over or under, and your occasional dip into low spirits is an indication not so much of facing what you anticipate to be a tide of disapproval but the more perilous course of denying your connections.

You silly human! Why does an angel have more credibility than an extraterrestrial? What do you think an angel is if not a being from another dimension?

You are letting the comic book definitions of extraterrestrials rule your perceptions, and therefore one of the first challenges for those of you seeking to expand your consciousness is to open your mind to possibilities that exist outside of what can be verified by the five senses alone.

Numinous experience is in fact any encounter with light filled energy. Sometimes human to human or human to animal or nature, but often via raised frequencies found in dreams, daydreams, or flights of fancy wherein you allow yourself to intuit that which you know in your heart already.

I say this as a representative of a culture that simply wants to help those on your planet begin to see that what you do is important, that it resonates far beyond your own life, your own community, and, indeed, your own planet.

As you begin to accept this idea, to live comfortably with the really not very startling knowledge that your race is not alone in the multiverse, you will become easier in your mind, more willing to go with the flow as some of your homegrown gurus have suggested.

In the meantime, look at the night sky or the tiniest flower and feel the universe of expanding possibilities that are yours to enjoy. You are not the end of your life as you know it, you are the beginning of your understanding the love that surrounds you. Ridicule will have no meaning when this love is first perceived and then accepted as the fundamental reality of the cosmos.

Let us join with you, walk at your side, and you will not miss the blinders that kept your feet on the ground and your eyes downcast. We are not here to frighten you or impose some unnamed regime upon you. We are here to help. Let us in and feel the lightness that expanded connection can bring.

May 3, 2023

Rune, Ehwaz: ᛖ. The harmonious relationship between two forces facilitating travel between two worlds, a source of numinous knowledge, the horse.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, H11ok.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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Jun 01, 2023

Hi Ann, sometimes I have to reread messages (so glad you put it on an accessible archived blog) to hear the message or have it ring true in my heart, as, if I had a bad day, or a day where daily things taking up space, I am just not hearing in an open way, and can sometimes miss the point of the message.

And the point about dipping into low spirits or energy flow having to do with (1) denying our natural connection to spirit so there is naturally an unease, as we are a soul that needs that connection to be healthy (2) as well as the literal denying of that connection to other dimensions where the more…


May 06, 2023

Wonderful message. Thank you Pleiadians. Thank you Ann 😊🌈👽

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