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Jesus: Welcome.

You will never be disrespected or shamed

because of where you are on the spectrum of reunion with God.

Ann: Jesus?

Jesus: Yes, Ann, I have enjoyed connecting with you and your compatriots. You are each of you moving along a continuum which will eventually result in a merger of your own soul with the energy of your Creator. Gradually, gradually, or for some of you in a flash, you will lose the fear of annihilation and embrace the love and respect that you are being offered.

These gifts are offered to all of us, and, though it is the last thing that many expect, our Creator respects what we do - our struggles, our failings, and our nevertheless never-ending march towards spiritual union whether we think we will it or not. For we all strive for such homecoming in our heart of hearts, yet when we come to this planet, a battle royal ensues.

Ann: Why? Why was it set up this way, why should we have to fight to deny our own survival instincts to become one with Spirit?

Jesus: Because when this planet was populated by the first human being who could think for himself, Spirit wanted a voluntary return.

Ann: That sounds just plain mean – particularly when we have no memory of our spiritual beginnings. You are asking us to fight our way out of a paper bag.

Jesus: Yes, I can see why you might feel that way, but in reality, the learning, the understanding of our place in the universe as part of the Divine plan must come willingly after we have seen and experienced the alternatives. It is those experiences which will lead us to the beginning of trust as we make our way home and recognize the light of our Creator shining in our hearts.

The circumstances of many are so dire, so unwelcoming to spiritual growth that it is only when those circumstances are set beside a blind trust in Spirit that the light of the Divine is brought down into the middle of our lives so that we can see why we have come and what our Creator wanted us to learn.

If all is given without effort expended, the gift is not appreciated or even recognized for what it is. It is only when our contrary inclinations are put side by side with the eternal love of our Creator that we really understand the breadth and depth of the Divine.

I counsel each and every one of you in this struggle – and that means everyone on the planet - to look at what you have learned in your lifetime. What has come to you easily that you treasure, that you protect, that you value above all else? And what has come to you through struggle, growth, suffering, and finally trust that carries you forward today?

I will never trivialize your winding paths, for they are what you have chosen to teach yourselves the lessons you need to learn to be at home in Spirit’s presence, to be able to breathe comfortably in all circumstances because your vision is no longer restricted to the small area you occupy on the planet. These are the lessons we cherish and can build upon.

Each person has their own path to Holy Communion. Mine was particularly difficult, and yet, its lessons have been held in the hearts of those who carried my faith with them when their own was no longer steady.

I do not refer to institutionalized religion, let me be clear. I refer to the one on one journey of each soul with its own guides, angels, and teachers.

I am a teacher first and foremost. I welcome any who come to my door. You will never be disrespected or shamed because of where you are on the spectrum of reunion with God. Every step is holy. Every lesson is yours to accept and incorporate into your own store of wisdom when the time is right.

I and those like me simply ask for the privilege of walking beside you on your journey. Please know that you are welcomed to our world as you invite us into yours.

February 17, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 18, 2021

In The Way of Mastery, Jeshua or as more commonly named-Jesus, teaches the purpose and only purpose of life is to love and to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful. I much prefer that path to Holy Commuion rather than struggle and suffering. I choose to invite master teachers and beings to hold my hand in that way Home.

Thank you Ann for asking ultimate question.


Feb 18, 2021

Brilliant, succinctly astute questions, Ann....thank you.


Feb 18, 2021

I find these words of Jesus: I am a teacher first and foremost. I welcome any who come to my door, penetrating my heart and feel it gives all of us much hope to reach for more. Thank you Ann for sharing his message with us!

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