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John McCain: Guided

Allow yourself to receive your own blessedness,

your own angels and guides,

and claim the divine guidance that has brought you thus far.

Ann: John?

John McCain: Yes, Annie, I’ve been waiting. Not so patiently either. Honestly, you would make a saint swear, and I’m no saint.

Ann: No? You see to be doing God’s work.

John: Well, contrary to popular opinion, that doesn’t make a saint. That makes a soul which has awakened to the reality of God’s presence in his life and every life on the planet if only they would open their eyes.

That, in fact, is the mission of every soul who has embarked upon the perilous journey of incarnating on this planet. Not for the faint of heart as each of you can see by even the most cursory glance around.

Peril at every corner. Duplicity, violence, utter mayhem, and lies, lies, and more lies. In short you have a planet seemingly careening towards destruction with a capital D and no way to stop the crazy human animals bent on a collective suicide mission.

You may not think so, but it was the same in my day – and in every arc of this planet since its inception. Light being overcome, not by darkness which is really a neutral concept, but by willful slaughter. Believe me, I understand, I lived it firsthand.

And yet, and yet…. I beg each of you to look at your life, just your life, the microcosm for life on this planet, and then stand back, way back, and look down upon the whole to date. What are the patterns? What has emerged? What did apparent darkness reveal?

Look back at the choices you made, those that opened your heart and those that seemingly did not. Make a graph starting with the small self you brought to this world, the one hell bent only on survival and functioning through the tunnel vision required for this endeavor. Then take a journey with this self through the seminal events that have brought you to where you are today.

If I am not mistaken, you will find yourself amazed by the directional pull of your one life. Seemingly disconnected events lined up to produce a life with clear direction, direction that takes you from that small howling baby to a soul with burgeoning wisdom and gratitude. And if you didn’t have it when you started this little exercise, I’m betting you will begin to see it when those patterns emerge.

Gratitude is what will carry you regardless of the activities of the world around you. You have learned, and you are still learning, of God’s grace. It has been with you from the beginning, and it will never desert you.

Just keep fighting your way on the upward arc your soul has been taking whether you knew it or not. Now it the time for recognition, for gratitude, and for giving back the light that has sustained you all along.

Archangel Gabriel and others of his ilk taught me this in the most horrifying of circumstances, and their gifts never left me. One light, what seems to be the tiny light in your soul, can lift a world. Take his words to heart.* Allow yourself to receive your own blessedness, your own angels and guides and claim the divine guidance that has brought you thus far.

Hang on to that light in the face of naysayers who have undertaken the futile task of extinguishing God’s radiance. You have it within you, it has taken a unique trip through your life’s journey and only needs your recognition to blossom anew.

Yes, I’m an old battler and I love a good fight, so come along with me and take it to ‘em! We will never surrender, we will never betray our mission. That’s why we came and that’s what keeps us alive.

November 10, 2023

*See previous post.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 commenti

Dr. Colin
Dr. Colin
10 nov 2023

I needed to read this now. I needed to know what is my next step, after going through the Dark night of the soul and not being able to move forward. Gratitude that I am able to see the world for what it is. It is still not Reality and thank you angels, guides, ascended masters for showing that to me.

I see that the final decision is mine and the guides and angels can show me but they can’t force me. We are all equal as God’s one Child.

I am ultimately the captain of my ship for I remain as God created me.

Mi piace
10 nov 2023
Risposta a

Beautifully stated.

Mi piace

10 nov 2023

Indeed....God's light....

And my dog.


Mi piace
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