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Lena and Richard Ride Again: Your Intuitive Gifts Can be Excavated!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Intuitive gifts are unique to us

and carried as intrinsic and developing elements of our being

wherever we may be on our particular soul journey.

Lena Rodriguez* and Richard Burton are once again here with their question/answer column. As before, Lena asks the question, I relay it to Richard, then channel and transcribe his response.

Lena: When we enter different mortal lives (what we think of as reincarnation) - does our spirit remain available for this sort of work, by which I mean channeling/mediumship?

Richard Burton (via Ann): Yes, always lovely to hear from our sister Lena and happy to have a go at this intriguing inquiry.

Lena, love, as usual you have put your finger on a seminal point. What you are asking is how do we know who we are, what is permanent, what is transitory, and what gives us a clue or several to our foundational identity and purpose in this world. Do we have intrinsic intuitive traits that are unique to each individual creation and which carry through in iteration and integration of each incarnation on this planet? (And, yes, elsewhere but that is a story for another day).

We are, as you know, all born with intuitive gifts to one extent or another. These gifts are unique to us and carried as intrinsic and developing elements of our being wherever we may be on our particular soul journey. We get to try on several coats to see which fit best and which rub up against us in ways which may be uncomfortable but which steer us in directions we might not have otherwise discovered.

These latter experiences can either showcase our gifts and the persecution that arises from their prominence or cover them in so many layers that the lifetime in question may reveal only a tiny corner of who we really are.

You, Lena, love, have chosen a middle way this time around as sanity has demanded, and, as a result, you have steered clear of many a hidden shoal that has perhaps taken you down in lives past. It is a beautiful way to move because it allows you to have support from likeminded and like-talented family and friends while at the same time operating effectively in what so many like to call the real world. A foot in each, shall we say, this time around has created balance though not an untroubled nor untrammeled existence.

Each lifetime has something to offer the whole. The closer we get to moving off this delightful wheel, it may become more challenging to manage while we are here - at least in some respects.

Hardest of all paths are those who know they have intuitive life skills and yet are prevented or persecuted from free exercise thereof. The world we live in now is becoming friendlier than some of those in times past, so if you have it, use it, for you will add to the whole!

My own gift was significant but I could neither name nor accept it so I hid in books, one after the other after the other - high brow, low, and everything in between - to keep my longings – and my knowings - at bay. I was a writer and a mystic by trade, born into an unforgiving environment which used those gifts to explain (and to my mind, excuse) the unexplainable and to encourage my tribe to accept the persecution imposed upon us by the capitalist system. I thought I was called on to condone the use of the supernatural for these purposes and therefore held what I had been given at a great remove, that is, via the voicing of the words and wisdom of others , and never claimed it for mine.

I tell you this because we have similar roots in this regard. My gift I transmuted into entertainment, yet the force of the inner knowledge that I carried from prior lifetimes elementally affected those who heard me when I was, almost in spite of myself, connected to Spirit. The perversion of those gifts allowed me to excuse an uncensored lifestyle as I stuffed down my known truths into the inadequate hamper of self-indulgence which I thought to claim on the basis of my stated disbelief in all that had been given me in that life.

That is a long winded way of saying that we can’t get away from our connection with Spirit, that spiritual gifts will follow us from lifetime to lifetime and, though they may emerge in differing iterations, emerge they will whether in full flower or in some more crooked form if they are forced underground.

We grow, and we evolve, but we never lose our connection to the Divine even when, as my own example has shown, we do our best to escape or pervert these blessings. Ultimately, however, though we may struggle and squirm, we will be forced to confront the fact that we are all children of God.

April 15, 2021

*Lena Rodriguez, Tarot Down Under YouTube.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Apr 15, 2021

It strikes me that Richard actually has channeled many entities during his acting career, finessing different characters with experiences, insights borne of his human knowledge, as well as ego. We are all a culmination, yes?

Apr 15, 2021
Replying to

Very astute, thank you, Laurie


Apr 15, 2021

I adore Lena!!!🌹

Apr 15, 2021
Replying to

Me too!

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