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Lena Rodriguez Has A Question For Richard: Karma?

Another great question from Lena for Richard Burton.

Lena: Ann, could you please ask Richard:

I have a theory that some people come back to this plane in various cultural contexts, in order to experience that .... while some people choose to 'reincarnate' repeatedly into a single culture in order to acquire the deep cultural, philosophical, spiritual knowledge of that culture.

Is there anything to this effect - or not?

In the Welsh context, someone may have a life as a Welsh miner as a one time thing, and another might be a bard who keeps the old stories alive?

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to address Lena’s question? I have often wondered, as you must have also, how you came to incarnate in your particular circumstances.

Richard Burton: I am happy to do my poor best to address your concerns.

Lena, love, the mills of the Lord grind slowly but they grind exceeding fine. Every experience, every immersion either adds patina to a soul or casts a shadow on same.

No experience is unitary. Sometimes even a very bright star can temporarily dim the light of those around it because the satellites experience not only the reflected shine but also the drain that being in the presence of such energy pulls from them. There is then recovery required on several fronts to be dealt with anon.

As to whether we dive in and become scholars and seers in one culture, such as Tenzin, the current Dalai Lama, or we recycle as Welsh peasants, Russian serfs, English kings, or Australian psychics, it matters not, for we bring what we learn to the table.

Some souls move from culture to culture to develop and refine their gifts, and that process continues, though it is not as simple as it sounds. We do not go from life to life adding or subtracting from our experiences, our deficits and graces in order to from a more cohesive soul. We take on an aspect, a task for each reincarnation whose essence is known only to the one who initiates the journey and cannot be divined from the outside looking in unless access is granted.

The Welsh miners whose lives were destroyed in the damp darkness of an underground world so devoid of light as to claim comparison to Beelzebub’s kingdom came not only for their own purposes, be they penance, enlightenment, revenge, or service, but also to work in tandem with others whose mission intersected with their own.

Some, and I think I was one, come initially to shine a light on the world of the exploited and yet stay on to discover that, in spite of the conflicts that arose, we are not separate from those exploitations neither on one side nor the other.

So, as usual, Lena, love, your question is not simple and its ramifications are endless. Each soul we meet carries these complications from their own mission as matters develop and intersect and create new pathways and new karma for themselves and those with whom their lives intersect.

It is for each of us to refine the talent that carries us from one life experience to the next so that, in the service of same, that talent can grow to its full, multidimensional purpose.

And in the process we are being tempered as steel is tempered to remove surface abrasions and rigidities in order to reveal the strength and purity beneath.

August 30, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay igorovsyannykov / 206 images

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31 de ago. de 2021

I agree with Richard. I mean it is not like 'Ok, I was a worker in my last birth, next I am going to be a singer, then a millionaire's heir... I think the workings of Karma is more complicated.

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