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Lena Rodriguez Asks Richard, Can We Know The Future?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Lena:* Once beyond the veil do entities actually 'see' things in the future for we mortals? Or not. Is it about 'free will' and not wanting to interfere with the trajectory of things playing out? Or is it there to be accessed if we can communicate? Or do certain 'higher beings' see this and not everyone who crosses over? Hmmmmmm.

Ann: Richard?

Richard Burton: Well, hello, Lena, love. As usual you have posed a question that has no simple answer. You may have noticed that life itself in this realm and in others is not a simple matter with many pushes and pulls, conflicting, contrasting, countervailing forces operating so that progress, as we think of it, is a hop scotch sort of affair at best.

We move forward, we stumble, we rejoice, we suffer, we shout to the heavens to, for God sake, explain this crazy, interminable and agonizing experiment in one moment and then, in the next, elevation beyond rational utterance when we are lifted up in alt by our better angels.

Swinging from pillar to post, that seems to be the human condition. It is enough to make a saint swear, is it not? Not that I claim any pretension to that role, though I played one or two in my time. The role of Thomas a Becket, the man who went against his king and his best friend to stay true to his God, that was a role that I tried to brush off with drink, carousing, sex, and general decadence, but it did not serve. There was a universal pedal tone that brought me to my knees in reverence and awe time and time again - until I summoned the dutch courage of the moment to deny that which I knew in my deep heart's core to be true.

So, you ask, Lena, is there a solution? Who has the answer, does someone, anyone, know what we are doing and where we are going? My god, are we stuck out here alone and left to our own devices? What a cluster **** that would be!

But it is not so. Although there is no pre-ordained ending, no prescribed recipe that will bring us round when we cannot see our way, we have guidance should we deign to receive. What we trust, where we put our faith, Lena love, is in the benevolence of the universal creative force because we have had the experience of that force.

Hard to believe sometimes, but so it is. It is this force that keeps the wind at our backs, that keeps us moving when all else demands capitulation. It is that road that we follow to a different type of surrender that will in fact bring us home. It is up to us when we decide to take the turn in that direction, but the future is known, it is just the timing that is undetermined.

The road that we are asked to tread is the King’s Highway, the force of our Lord’s never-ending love in our lives. No matter how far we may stray from that path and our elemental purpose, we will eventually return.

Neither we nor our guardian angels can foretell the immediate future, for that is in human hands, how we handle the curve balls that are continually thrown at us until we move onto the larger arc that is our home. Those of us on this side of the veil can see that ultimate resolution while those of you in mortal form, still bound by the weight of the earth's atmosphere, cannot.

Creation is a dynamic process, but the place of homecoming in our souls is a fixed point, a guarantee of sorts that we will reunite with our Creator and become a part of that volunteer army. It is just the timing that is up to us.

Our salvation rests in the hands of a loving god who carries us in times of anguish and strife when we can see nothing else but our lived experience of his love, if not just at the moment, then in other times, enough to make it the anchor that we can hold onto when we are otherwise blind.

We are co-creators as we jumble and rearrange the pieces of the lives given us to learn and evolve until we finally see and surrender to our higher selves. That is what will create the future we all want to see, the part of us that never changes, made from the essence of our Creator that holds us steady in a world of confusion so that we eventually return from this journey, however long it may take, whole, mature, and full of light.

As Julian of Norwich said, “All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well,” as she was locked up in a tiny room in the middle of a devastating plague and an interminable war. She saw, love, the answer to the question you pose.

The ultimate creative energy is holy, untrammeled by darkness and impermeable to lesser forces. In this we can take our sustenance and know that we are going in the right direction however many detours we take along the way.

The specifics are fungible, but the end is known. We shall be reunited with our Maker to continue the process of evolution as we have from the beginning.

June 17, 2021

Image credit: People Who Can See the Future: What Are They Called? Paranormal Authority.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jun 20, 2021

So... psychics/mediums/card-oracle readers don't get preordained messages from guides or others. if nothing is set in stone as far as our Earthly path is trod then why are there people who get messages that seem reliable and often do come true? is it just lucky guesses? I'm confused, I'm not sure the question was answered. Can humans or certain humans receive accurate information about specific upcoming events from the other side or not? Is it time to just give up on psychic/mediums because what they get isn't true/facts or real? Is it because as humans we are too unpredictable to be predictive. Is it time to dump the psychic/mediums and card readers I watch on YT (like Lena herself) becaus…

Jun 20, 2021
Replying to

It is not easy to predict world events because there are a lot of factors involved such as individual and collective karma of the leaders and people, planetary positions of the countries and so on. Some events have to reach their logical conclusion. Some are lessons for us. No prediction can be cut and dry. Psychics/mediums say they are presented with images, visions, pictures or messages, and a lot depends on how they interpret them. Mistakes are bound to occur. Nostradamus quatrains are so mysteriously worded. Even he will not stick his neck out.


Jun 18, 2021

Thank you, Lena, for asking the question to Richard. It has been on my mind for a long time. Free will versus divine intervention. We can only speak from experience. Joining the dots gives us an idea of the pattern of our lives. If we can only sense what we are being tested for early in our lives, then it will become easier to stay on track. Some things never took off for me, despite my natural abilities for the tasks. I have understood that I am being tested for discipline, patience, sense of responsibility and duty. No love life, no limelight. No position of power or authority. Only a team player. Being born in a Hindu brahmin family set-up…

Jun 19, 2021
Replying to

Love this: Ultimately, I think it is God’s grace and our karma that keeps us on our chosen path. Thanks!

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