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Lena Rodriguez, Richard Burton: Voices?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Lena: Voices on the Other Side?

Ann: How Does Trump Fit In?

The inquiring mind of Lena Rodriguez* asked Richard Burton the following question which I relayed on up the chain:

"How do those on the Other Side communicate with each other? On a personal note, did Richard get to keep that marvelous voice? What role do our voices play both here and beyond?


Ann: Hi Richard, would you be kind enough to respond to Lena's inquiry?

Richard: Yes, of course. Lena, delighted to be of service. As usual, you present a question with multiple layers.

Voices are one of our primary means of identification, not just on this planet but in other dimensions. For some, the voice is the most memorable thing about a person - its cadence, inflection, accent, and expression.

Are we earnest or mocking? Soft or full throated? Do we keep ourselves back a bit by our tone and carefully chosen words or do we let it all hang out there?

Some more reserved beings tend toward a way of communication that does not leave our bleeding bodies behind when we are speaking. There is a self-possession, real, assumed, or feigned, depending upon the situation that often attends those patterns of communication. Oddly enough, for all of my fabled flamboyance, I was one of these, and I suspect you, Lena, Ann, and many of our readers may be the same.

One way or the other, there is always amusement and humour to carry us along as God watches us flounder from pillar to post, saying, “Huh? Huh? Are we there yet?"

Many intuitives say they hear voices because that is how connection is often made initially, the felt senses, yes, are often of service but many communications are triggered by a remembered voice. My voice, for example, was my most distinctive feature – other than those I will not mention in present company -

Ann: Richard....

Richard: Just checking to see if you had nodded off. And I am really quite offended. I was referring to my well known sexual exploits, not my anatomy. You must lift your mind out of the gutter, dear….

Ann: Richard….

Richard: Ah yes, where were we? Oh yes, the voice, the medium through which initial inter-dimensional communication is often made. Although it is no longer required here for communication, we keep access to our voices because they give us pleasure.

Certainly I continue to enjoy the play and scope of the English language, and those of you tuning into me can usually hear my voice as I can hear yours, even if we do not communicate out loud, and that is fun for both of us because it allows us to flesh out our different colours and ranges, the idiosyncrasies that make us different one from the other.

Note, however, that our uniqueness, as represented by the voice among other traits, is never in question on this side of the veil. Each of us fits into the cosmic pattern much like the pieces of those old wooden jigsaw puzzles when they are finally assembled. No piece is quite like another so it is a challenge to discover how they all fit, but in the end it is clear each is needed to make the whole complete.

Ann: Jumping in here, gotta ask, are we going to have to fit Trump and his like into this celestial puzzle?

Richard: But of course, my dear, that goes without saying. What you have learned over these last few years would never have been revealed without the catalyst of his presence. He challenged us to consider the nature of the human being, the purpose of the human experiment, and the choices that we used to make unconsciously, choices which may have accommodated our shadows and thus allowed then to lay fallow all that time until his energy exposed them to sunlight with his coarse and untruthful assertions - and I’m sure you have noticed that his voice, so ostensibly reasonable, is one of his most recognizable features.

So, in conclusion, let us rejoice in the voice in this and other worlds as one of the most finely tuned instruments ever offered the human being and which is alive and well upon celestial transition on an as needed basis.

April 30, 2021

*Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under - YouTube

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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