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Merlin: Find Your Own Magic

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Magic is simply the name of the active element of Spirit

in vibrations beyond those of the five senses.

Merlin:* I have come to see you, Ann, because I wish it known that magic is real, and it is magic that we need now. Magic is not mysterious; it is just not in vogue at the moment. In earlier times it was considered a normal part of life, but various forces in society drove it underground. It is coming back now.

Magic is simply the name of the active element of Spirit in vibrations beyond those of the five senses. It is used in order to bring your focus to your spiritual being so that you can learn more about why you are here.

It is easy to receive magic if you desire to do so. Simply take one day’s events and look about yourself for “coincidences,” nudges, surprises, and inclinations. Were they noticed, followed or ignored? Note how matters trickled down from these quiet prompts, and see what you may learn.

Each and every one of you have access to White Magic, and, to be clear, that is what we are talking about here. Dark magic is out there also and must not be engaged. Therefore, it is imperative for you to provide yourselves protection as described below.

If you would like to join your guides on such an adventure, pick a day and go through its step by sept, moment by moment, emotion by emotion, and reaction by reaction, and action or lack thereof taken as a result. Do not leave anything out, for it is in the in-between spaces that you will find your personal magic.

Here is one approach you can use if you are so inclined. We’ll use Ann’s current session to illustrate.

Preamble: How did you wake up? What was in your mind at that moment? What were you drawn to? How did your energy field around you feel? How did it look? You, each of you, have colours around you and can visualize their energy through their colours and vibrations. Can you see them? If not, can you imagine them?

The Earth is going through a tumultuous time. It is for each of us to access our magical energy, that is, that energy beyond the five sense of the heavy atmosphere of Earth. The following ritual is one way to do that. It is important that you included each of the component parts, even in very abbreviated forms, but the specifics therein are yours alone and will vary from person to person.

1. Invocation: Invite the Spirit of Light, whatever name you give it, into your space for the purpose of cleansing and inspiration.

2. Protection: Ask your angels and guides for protection. This is a turbulent time, just as light energy is more available to us, so are the dark energy parasites who wait to feed off the abundance of light that streams into your aura when your angel and guides respond to your requests. Sage and some sort of Protection Spray* are good ways to clear the area.

If you are so inclined, cast a circle. Ann has been taught to cast a circle (see post November 14, 2020, Relearning Magic, The Holy Circle) after the invocation and the request for protection.

3. Doxology. Give thanks. Offer your appreciation for the help that you are receiving. You can do this in music, in words, in poetry, song, or simple thought. It is the act of giving thanks that binds you to your Creator. Some offer some sort of token, a flower or a stone or simply a blessing.

4. Tender your request. For example, Ann has asked to be shown what is happening in regard to the upheaval in her country, where it is going, and how best to help.

5. Bless your instruments to the service of Spirit. Ann uses runes, crystals, and animal medicine cards at varying times. This time she used all three. Others have used water, cards, bones, chanting, drums, or meditation techniques, etc. Go with what you are drawn to. Do not second guess yourself. Your higher self knows what you need.

6. Be Silent and receive what Spirit has to offer you. Ann uses channeled writings. Others receive images, suggestive phrases, or mood receptors such as drums, chanting, or meditation to facilitate reception. The more you practice, the better will become your skills divining how you best receive.

7. Gift thanks for the gifts you receive.

8. Close your session. Ask that your guides and protection continue on with you and that the insight you have received guide your actions going forward.

If any of you have experiences to share in this regard, please do so in the comments. We are a village and learn from each other. It is a privilege to be working with you.

January 9, 2020

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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