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Merlin: Relearning Magic, The Holy Circle

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I am not a witch or a magician, but I am hearing from Merlin that we all have magic of one sort or another that we can relearn if we turn our attention in that direction. I am now working more consistently with the spirit animals of the Medicine Wheel and offering readings for those who may be interested in discovering their own animal spirit guides.

Ann: Good morning, Merlin, Anita* said you wanted to talk and I have been feeling your presence lately.

Merlin: Good morning, Ann. Yes indeed I have been hovering as you have noticed. I feel it important to continue – or perhaps more accurately – resume your training as a mystic and intuitive.

You have reached the point where you can now begin to recover some of the magic learning that you had mastered previously and expand it to fit your present circumstances.

You have resumed the casting of circles, and I felicitate you upon this important opening. Everyone can to do this if they so desire, and I encourage each of you in this regard if you feel so inclined. Call on the Great Spirit for inspiration and protection and include your own particular guides and angels in your circle created as described below.

The following is a sample incantation which you can adapt to the particulars of your own journey to Spirit. If you have spirits or guides whose help you want, ask them to join you.

Father Sun of the East, please infuse this circle with light.

Brother Wind of the South, please encircle this sacred space with protection and defend it from all negative forces. .

Mother Rivers of the West, please send your flowing streams to cleanseand bless all within this circle.

Sister Moon of the North, please enhance our communion with

The Holy One, Our Creator,

The Great Spirit of all time and space.

Grandfather Sky, please bless all within this circle

with wisdom and understanding.

Grandmother Earth, please nurture all within this circle and

keep our feet steady upon your sacred ground.

Then be consistent with your practice having faith that you are receiving holy instruction as you proceed. Go back to the Spirit Animals that have come to you from the medicine cards or otherwise and add these guides to the circle as appropriate, for these surround you from all directions and not only keep you safe but help to create a space where your being can expand in safety and confidence.

Ritual is important, and, as it is repeated, it gains power. As you move through your days, call upon these spirits, myself and others, to move with you into stressful situations as well as those that bring you joy. You must practice so that we are at the ready whenever summoned. We, like Archangel Michael, must be called before we can answer, but answer we will.

And yes, this will take up quite a bit of your time, more so than previously and perhaps more than you are inclined to give at this moment. Perhaps you fear to give yourself without reservation to this work, but you will discover that, in fact, you have already done so and have only to watch this commitment unfold into your consciousness.

Thank you for attending my requests and presence in your life. Time is moving on. We all must attend to this work now and make it the central tenant of our lives so that it flows through everything we do.

There are many learning – or relearning - these skills, many at warp speed. You will feel their energy as you proceed as the atmosphere lifts and your bodies feel lighter.

It is for this that you came, the spreading of the Holy Light.

November 14, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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6 commenti

15 nov 2020

Amy found an older post from Oct.19, 2019, Archangel Michael: Jon Katz’s Angel which I had forgotten and which is really on point here. Thanks, Amy!

Mi piace

14 nov 2020

Ann, thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Mi piace

Amy David
Amy David
14 nov 2020

Thank you for answering my question about the casting of circle. And for answering the other as well. Bless you, Ann.

Mi piace

14 nov 2020

Hi. Re finding your guides, check out Archangel Michael: Finding Our Guides, posted Oct. 11, 2019, also Richard Burton: How To Find Your Angels and Spirit Guides, Sept. 6, 2020, and Robin Williams: Consciousness Falling Open, Sept. 9, 2019. There are others which I found helpful so you might try just scrolling through.

Re casting circles, there is lots on the internet but one simple way is to say a prayer inviting your spirits in, asking protection from all dark energy, and then turning to the six directions, either physically or inside your head, with your prayers for help to each however you see fit to structure them.

Mi piace

14 nov 2020

Ann, thank you and Merlin for this sample incantation. Please advise how to connect with our own particular spirit guides and angels.

Mi piace
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