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Merlin: Insurection

We do not need to see the road ahead

to know that we are being guided.

Ann: Please give me some guidance as to what is happening with the assault on the Congress.

Runes: Sowelu to Urox, Sunlight to the Mother of Manifestation

Animal Medicine Card: The Blank Shield

Ann: Please will one of you talk to me about what is happening?

Merlin: Yes, Ann, I have made my presence known specifically to be of help to those living those this turbulent and ultimately fruitful period of history. Unlike times in which darkness, institutionalized religion, and isolated reason shut down the practices and rituals so necessary to our contact with Spirit through our natural surroundings, this time the reverse is happening.

First the floods, then the fires, then the sickness, then the burning and looting by those who wish to take advantage of the unrest and ignorant responses to these massive challenges. And in the process the truth is being revealed: light versus the dark, evil versus godly, connection to Source vs the untethered souls who roam from post to post pillaging and stealing what they can to feed their insatiable hunger.

We are being thrown back upon our own resources, our own intuitive powers, our own natural understanding of who we are and why we came here, to this planet, at this time. Each one of us is here now for a reason. It is for us to divine our individual roles, but whatever that role is, it comes through Source, her wisdom, and her pain.

We will see what we have done. Sowelu shines its light on that which we have wrought, those who are determined to change course, and those who have determined to persevere to the destruction of us all. Those latter lost souls no longer have the faculties to see anything apart from the destruction in which they feel just fleetingly a speck of terrible power. And that just before it withers into a heap of steaming ashes on the ground, left only to fertilize the next year’s harvest.

And that harvest is coming. We can see it behind the dark underpinnings of the present circus of destruction. Urox. the great Audhumla, the beneficent ox that created the world and all its beings, the mother of manifestation. We move at her behest now. If we will allow ourselves to do so. We create, we co-create, and we return through the wars to her side, a trip which is a microcosm of each human soul that comes to this planet to realize, as only experience can teach, the deep and indivisible bonds between each soul and its Creator.

We see now. The light is shining. It is up to us to take up the reins of re-creation and reunion. It is what we were born to do. We do not need a roadmap for our direction, for the path and the means to make the journey will come to hand. The Blank Shield, like the Blank Rune tells us to return to radical trust.

We do not need to see the road ahead to know that we are being guided. Light will lead to holy vision which allows us to create that which we cannot imagine but which is perfectly designed for heaven’s return and man’s reawakening.

Rejoice to be alive in this time.

January 6, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 07, 2021

Really good insights and reminders. Thanks, Just Lisa.


Just Lisa
Just Lisa
Jan 07, 2021

I’m sorry but shouldn’t all of these people that are speaking through Ann acknowledge the extreme white privilege and deep rooted racism and hate that is the underlying issue through all of these things that are happening right now? I feel like I keep reading these things and nothing addresses what’s actually happening. Nothing addresses the true reasins why we are at this place, this horrible place and that is because there is so much privilege within the white race that they can’t even look at history and admit to what it actually is, to the actual facts. We try to hide all of these things we lie to children we teach incorrect history because we’re hiding the horrors o…

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