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Lighter Living

Ann: Hi Robin, Anita* says you want to talk. I am glad to hear from you. We need you.

Robin: It is kind of you to say so. Sometimes I wish I were still alive so that I could sing and dance and commit enough craziness to made people smile and wake up to what is happening. And not all of it is bad, so don’t misunderstand me. Edgar Cayce is here, and we have had some pretty good talks. He did what you are doing, and he too is sending healing vibrations to the earth.

Ann: Is that what you are doing, Robin? I think you healed a lot of us when you were here and hoping that you – and Edgar – can do the same from there. We seem to be going into a dark and violent period.

Robin: Yes, Annie, that’s why you are hearing so strongly from so many of us.

Chill here for a moment now. You are getting a little overloaded with vibes – I sometimes have that effect on people - but it’s just the rapid influx of energy - never could calibrate my delivery, it just came out at warp speed.

Mork, Mork, do you hear me, can you read me, sending transmission to earth via Satellite Zombie Apocalypse….S-L-O-W I-T D-O-W-N....

Here in the ether we still do things like that. And now I am driving you crazy.

Ann: No, I like it when I can tell it’s you, just can’t keep up with you.

Robin: What do you mean, “tell it is me?” We have come too far for that.

Not too long ago I was making the decision to leave the planet, and last year I made the decision to come back via the kind offices of you and your colleagues, and I have met a lot of wonderful souls in that endeavor – not just those who can hear my words but those who read them, who hear them through the channels who have so kindly offered their voices and their bodies to this work. I know it takes a toll.

Edgar here has been reminding me that we are to be mindful of the restrictions of those still in the body and the effects of receiving vibrational frequencies to which their bodies are unaccustomed. This is why both he and I want to encourage a practice, a way of life that can help you sustain these connections.

One thing that people do not apparently understand when they are spirit incased in a body is how much liquid is required for transmission to and among those of us in spiritual forms. You folks are all dried up. Drink, drink, drink. And not the kind you’re thinking of…..

All those pictures of the packing plants and slaughter houses, oh dear. One pig says to another, “Sadie, Sadie, is that you? What happened? I thought we were going to dinner? Oh. Just a little misunderstanding, juxtaposition of subject and object, and so forth….”

We encourage a mostly plant based diet. Just think how happy Sadie was before she discovered her ultimate disposition. You can be too. Not saying that Sadie and her friends on the hoof and in the sea aren’t part of a naturally created chain of sustenance, just that we are evolving, the sustenance needed is different now.

Think how those guys in body armor and riot gear would feel if they had started off the day with a little granola, fruit, and nuts…. And, yeah, I know what they think of nuts….fruit too.....

Just saying that we need to prepare for what is needed now, and that is ongoing communication with Spirit. That is what all of us need now, both you guys still there and us swimming around up here in the ether.

So take every step you can to make yourselves lighter, make yourselves vehicles for reception and transmission. Your bodies need the help. And Edgar here says almond milk.

Ann: Really? Robin, this is feeling very out there.

Robin: Yep, fruit, vegetables, lots of water, keep it light, these are the tools of the radical left. Because, Annie, we are out there, cheering you on, and we don’t need more meat-eating attack dogs. We need steady warriors that can move nimbly in all directions who can, if necessary, pass through barriers that appear to be solid.

Give it credence, up your game, up your practice, up your commitment to the Creator that instilled a heart and soul in that earthly body of yours. Feed it for transformation, Edgar is saying.

Gentleness is strength, happiness is contagious, winter brings spring. It is coming and we are coming with you.

Those who see darkness as a necessary evil will give way to those who can tuck it in under their arm to remind them who they are and who they wish to be and how they can use it to energize the journey.

We are winning. Don’t falter now just because of some jackass with bad hair is blindly following his own path to hell.

His minions are growing louder and more bold because subterfuge has not worked so be like that great patriot, Muhammed Ali, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” and we will be ok.

This is Mork reporting from Galaxy 510, Quadrant QZ 10. Over and out.

Admit it, Annie, you feel better now.

Ann: Yeah, yeah, I do though I have no idea what you just said.

Robin: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, ma’am, just leave it to us big strong spirits… OK, OK, I’m outta here….. Seeya.

July 28, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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