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Peter: Leaving The Patriarchy

Any quality that is divorced from character and intent and

used to oppress is a relic of a patriarchal society.

Ann: Hi Pete,*

Peter: Well, hello, Ann, and hello to all of my friends who come here. I have been wanting to speak with you about the necessity of common cause as we move through this next period of history. Even for a short stretch – and I can hear some of you saying that your remaining period of history is very short indeed – you are still a part of the great migration from patriarchy to an egalitarian society.

As part of that great movement, you can add to this great transformation by opening your mind and noticing when patriarchal systems assert their authority. As you do this, your thoughts, your conversation, and then your actions will reflect your expanded awareness.

And it’s not just patriarchy as strictly defined. The same is true of any scapegoated class of human beings, not just those based on gender but also on nationality, race, religion or sexual preference, etc. Any quality that is divorced from character and intent and used to oppress is in fact a relic of a patriarchal society.

And, yes, the time when I walked the earth with Jesus under the rule of the Roman Empire was one of the apexes of such societies. But it was not then and is not now only the ruling order that suffers from patriarchy. Many down trodden societies perpetuate such a tradition within their own systems. For example, Jewish canonical law makes second class citizens of women and clings to institutionalized pressure to keep its flock within the tradition.

Ann: OK, yes, but one thing, actually two, that I have wondered about:

1. Doesn’t everyone need a family, a tradition, a clan within which they can find their own place either within or outside its boundaries, and

2. Egalitarian sounds great but

a) people have different skill sets and abilities, and

b) how do you then reward achievement?

Peter: Yes, excellent questions.

As to the first, we all need a clan. We are nothing without relationship with others because in those relationships we begin to understand our connection with the Divine.

We move and stumble, soar and fall, and in the process we learn. How do we fit? Do we want to take on the general values of our clan or should we risk a break in order to follow the imperatives of our own particular path?

You will find in those societies where personal exploration is encouraged, there is an expanded and enlightened sense of the meaning of clan. What starts from a small nuclei of family and traditions is adapted and evolved into that which is accepting of other clans and other societies such that there is no hard and fast barriers to entry or exit. Character and understanding, goals and aspirations, how we see ourselves in relation to our Creator form the basis of the learning experiences in these evolving societies.

As to the second question, in an egalitarian society, talents and abilities allow a sifting out of tasks with rewards based on the needs of the particular group. The trick is to reward not only the patriarch who defends the group from outside aggression but also the one who sows the field and collects the harvest.

We are thereby rewarded by fulfilling our natural place in the society without color, sex, religion, or caste determining the hierarchy of power and benefit . Such previous restrictions become invisible in light of what is and can be offered to the whole. The realization of one’s gifts, the tendering of same to those who value the gift is reward enough.

Ann: Sounds good, Peter, but most people seem to want more.

Peter: So they do, and that is how we have come to the current state of affairs. We have seen life on the planet as a zero sum game, and that is the Biggest Lie of all time.

Nevertheless, in spite of the nature of the human ego, we are beginning to sift out some of these useless categories and discover that, for example, race and sexual preference are surely two of the most useless yardsticks ever divised. When these scales and those like them are removed from our eyes, we will have a chance to value the character, soul, needs and abilities of the individual.

Ann: Sounds like Marx, “"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

Peter: Well, yes, it does. And that great experiment foundered on the corruption of those who saw their needs as greater than the rest. It need not be that way, no pun intended. That is what I have been trying to tell you.

Ann: Wouldn’t you have to slay the human ego to get there?

Peter: No, you simply need to ask it to put itself in service to those it loves. Then as you expand that category, the ego flourishes as do all around it.

It may sound unrealistic, but what could have been more unrealistic that my lord Jesus Christ teaching that it is better to give than to receive. Each of us, in one way or another, have lived the truth of that great principle.

This is what expanding awareness will bring. This is what we each must do in our own lives to expand the circle of those who are, if not part of our immediate clan, recognized as being equally worthy members of their own.

March 14, 2021

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 Kommentare

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
17. März 2021

I love this one and it fits in perfectly with the Course in Miracles quote for the day: All that I give, is given to myself. Thanks Ann and Peter.

Gefällt mir

16. März 2021

Thank you Peter! Great words and way to move forward that will heal the pain that is coming out now on route to equalize our societies around the globe.

Gefällt mir
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