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Peter: On The Fence

Have some of you been experiencing reluctance to jump back into the fray now that the world is opening up? It seems that it is a fairly common syndrome these days, so I asked about it, and Peter answered.

Ann: Hi Guys, don’t know what’s going on, low energy seems to abound. Are we all resting up for the onslaught, or is it something else?

Peter: I have a few suggestions.

Ann: Ok, let me check with Richard and Merlin because remember the Fake Peter last time. Guys?

Richard: He’s ok, has been trying to get a toe in for some time. He can really be helpful because he relates.

Ann: Really? He was the hard worker for the church, not the please-don’t-make-me-get-out-of-bed sloth that I gather is making the rounds.

Merlin: Ann, it is always wise to pay attention to your inclinations. Peter understands this from personal experience. You are on the right track in turning to him.

Ann: Ok, Peter, you passed. Sorry, but there has been a few imposters floating around here.

Peter: I understand. It is always wise not to repeat an old error, in this case charging ahead without verification, and I know that that does not discount the gratitude in your heart for all you have received from Spirit in the form of these communications.

And, as to any low energy troughs that some of you may be experiencing, please do not be concerned. You simply see a mountain ahead and are girding your loins to decide when and how to begin the climb.

I too faced mountains. Mountains of doubt, mountains of fear, and mountains of isolation. You begin the climb when you are ready to do so and not before, but understanding of the source your reluctance can help.

Some may be seeing the magnitude of re-entry which on its own can immobilize you. Just to get started may seem to commit you to an exhaustingly active schedule which may not have been your preference in recent times. More important is lack of vision that can attend these low energy times. You may tend to deny either the reality of your commitment to Spirit or the reality of your life on the planet - with confusion resulting that encourages immobility.

This I understand very well. I denied my connection to Jesus Christ out of fear for my own safety, but it was not just that. I had not yet made the commitment to step completely out of my accustomed pattern of life. In short, in some respects I was still on the fence.

Ann: Peter, I think a lot of us are on the fence these days because we have trouble seeing a clear way forward and perhaps lack the energy to go exploring.

Peter: Well, that may be for the best because, among other things, if you proceed without clarity, who know where you may end up? When you think about it, being human means we are always in some state of confusion because we are in two worlds, the physical world we have to navigate all the while being subject to spiritual homecoming impulses from the world of our origin.

When you shrink from entering the fray of everyday life, particularly in older age, you may be saying that the balancing of daily life in a spiritual context is becoming more difficult to achieve. If possible, I would suggest that you wait to let these competing forces reorganize into something recognizable.

I am not saying stay in bed all day, though that can be clarifying sometimes, simply move slowly, listening, making no commitment until you see where your journey is asking you to go. Much learning can come to you when you wait to receive. Some of us use a slight illness or infirmity to excuse inactivity, but that is not necessary if you are aware of where you are because listening is more important than such rationales.

I, as you know, succumbed to my fears in moments of crisis – and those were not the first times. It became blindingly clear to me after those moments of denial that the consequences of those decisions were intolerable. As a result, with those experiences seared into my memory, it was not difficult to do differently in the future.

Many of you are not in crisis and so have time to consider your direction and can wait to move when your focus is clarified. It is a bit like riding a wave, moving with it, not anticipating or fighting its direction.

So relax a bit and see how long you can sit on that fence, for that is where insight calls its home.

May 5, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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