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Pleiadians: Gifted By The Land

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

OK, this was a new one for me. I knew I was hearing from a group, a group who had deep ties to the planet earth but I could not hear their names. Anita Sacco* suggested the Pleiadians. I had no clue, but it somehow felt right, and then my guides confirmed,** as did a very limited search of the internet.***

The Pleiadians:

You all move at the grace and pleasure of the land. You travel in weary ignorance of all that transpires beneath your feet and above your heads and never see the angels that travel in between these worlds for the peace and blessings of all.

The storms that arise at sea and carry their power inland, the fires that destroy home and habitat, and the eruptions that split our planet asunder are all part of the expanding cosmos of which our planet forms a small part.

O my children, have you no idea of the infinitesimal but critical part that each of you contributes to that same cosmos? Why do you take upon yourselves the responsibility for all that transpires in the outside world instead of minding the little plot of land in your own universe?

This where joy arises. This is where joy must be tended. Although there is an inexorable force that moves the Earth on its course of evolution, human beings can accelerate or inhibit the flow and affect the tenor of that evolution if you commit to move in concert with its mighty evolution.

You can darken or lighten its progress, you can feel yourself expanded or trampled by its power. You can add your own diamond to the many faceted jewels on the land, under the sea, in the atmosphere, and under your feet. Or you can bury your treasure in the sand. You can join the procession or be left behind. This is your choice.

If you choose to move in conjunction with the Creator's heavenly flow, we will take your hand and guide you on a journey which is ongoing and eternal. Each of you travel on your own such journey and intersect, parallel, or diverge with the cosmic process as you determine.

We ask you to choose to follow the light that illumines the individual and collective paths that make up your part of the shimmering whole of the Multiverse. You cannot see the whole picture, and so you must trust in the holy forces of heaven and earth to guide your way. We are here to help if you so desire.

Have faith, for all things work together for good.

March 30, 2022

*Validated by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

**This is what I got when I asked my guides:

Ann: Jesus, Merlin, Richard, am I hearing from the Pleiadians?

Jesus: Yes, that is what your race has called them though they are known by other names elsewhere. They are guardians of matter, of the specific forms evolving from the creative energy and are protective of its ongoing expansion and development. They are peaceful but not passive. They are actively engaged both on the planet and off in helping to steer this world onto a more sustainable course. Oddly enough, they can also be tricksters as they find much to delight themselves in the cosmos.

Merlin: Yes, and they have been around in many times and taken many forms to further their purpose of clearing this planet and others of corrosive energy. I have been on excellent terms with many of them individually and collectively and have never had cause to regret the association.

Richard: (Smiling) What they said.

***Per one internet site on extraterrezstrials:

"Pleiadians convey themselves as generally being peaceful and to be concerned with the welfare of Earth. Contactees often claim that Pleiadians are interested in the future of our planet from an ecological and sociological perspective, transmitting messages about environmental sustainability and the prospect of world peace. Members of this group have also been described as paternal, wise, spiritual, and jovial."


Algiz: ᛉ, Reversed. Protection after hardship.

Inguz: ᛜ Energy of Creation, opposing forces working together.

Ehwaz: ᛖ Horses yoked together, contrary energies working in tandem.

Free Image Credit: Hans, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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1 comentario

30 mar 2022

The energy from this channeled message resonates strongly with me. It is powerful and beautiful. "Have faith, all things work together for good." Wonderful words. Love the confirmation from your guides, Ann.

Me gusta
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