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Pleiadians: Remembering The Totality Of Who You Are

Many of you have lived in other dimensions but recently have found yourselves returning to the earth, sometimes over and over again,

to repair the damage that humans have done to themselves.

The Pleiadians: You are opening, Ann, to the messages that are out there for you to hear, and are now beginning to consider that your origins and history may be more than they have appeared to date.

All of you have existed in many forms, times, dimensions, and worlds beyond number, yet many cannot function if that knowledge comes to the surface. We hear so many of you say, out loud or subliminally, “I’ve got enough to handle right here, let’s not get into that woo woo stuff.”

And yet that woo woo stuff is part and parcel, not only of your history, but of your current mission and purpose. Look back, far, far back, far enough to where the world you inhabit now was not even a planet. There are countless dimensions, stars, galaxies, and planets out there who have contributed inhabitants to the earth who have taken on the mission of the earth’s educational experiment. Many have failed, but some have succeeded.

It is now the time in creation where the balance is shifting and must shift so that more succeed in holding onto the Creator’s love instead of succumbing to the allure of the ego. Many of you have begun to feel that long buried spark within you.

Listen now to White Feather, one of our tribe.

Ann: Yes, ok.

White Feather: Ann, you, like many of your readers, were once among other beings on a far flung world, enjoying a more peaceful and even idyllic existence where harmony was the rule and strife the exception.

Your system therefor recoils from this planet, from the seemingly intractable “humanness” that seeks its own gratification as the primary goal of existence regardless of who or what is sacrificed. Your spirits have entered this world more than once with the intent of resupplying some of that peace and serenity so as to give those so embroiled a moment to consider their own origins and their innermost being.

I ask each of you to look closely at who you are. I guarantee you that many if not most of you will be surprised at what you find. The human ability to metamorphize into a being with vision-proof blinders has taken hold until many of us think we are the only beings in the multiverse, but that is not where we began.

Surely that misconception is a cause for merriment and laughter, for a more ridiculous notion could never have been floated in the cosmos. Think about it, and you will find yourself smiling and laughing at your own silliness at even entertaining such a notion.

Many of you have lived in other dimensions but recently have found yourselves returning to the earth, sometimes over and over again, to repair the damage that humans have done to themselves. You may even have been a part of such damage in lives where you could not accept your own divinity.

Please know that you are not alone, either in your divinity or in your reluctance to claim same. The solution to this problem is the solution to the woes of the planet. For when we see ourselves as divine and eternal, our scale of right and wrong flattens the human curve of those perceptions into an ever rising spiral of the expansion of the cosmos powered by love for each and every created atom.

Some of you will think this is just gibberish or useless platitudes. I entreat you to look deeper. Deeper into the world around you, deeper into the community of nature that ebbs and flows with its civilizations, species, continents, and climates, deeper into your own soul, and then up and outward into the multiverse that surrounds you.

There is a larger rhythm than that of finite human lives. If you can tune in, feel an expansion just a bit, maybe just sporadically, you will find your life, your consciousness, and your heart moving and opening into your real experience, your real world.

We are all on a magnificent adventure. How do you want to travel? How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to carry out your mission on this planet? Can you find the courage to explore both your interior world and that in the heavens above and beyond your physical arrangement?

As you explore these questions, you may feel your life force rise within you. You may feel a river of light take over your being and carry it where you, the Larger You, meant it to go in the first place, and you will then be in consonance with the Divine Force.

The world and all in it is moving, changing, expanding in a rhythmic sine curve where dark and light power the ever rising waves of creation. Allow yourself to intuit just a fraction of the worlds to which you belong, and you will be forever changed from the time-limited body you now inhabit, changed, knowing you are loved, and birthing that love in everything you do as a co-creator in the ever expanding flow of love's creation.

April 17, 2022

Runes: Isa to Fehu

Isa I, Finding your center

Fehu ᚠ, Archetypal energy of motion and expansion

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 commento

18 apr 2022

Thank you so much for that message from the Pleiadians and Whitefeather. It’s Easter Sunday, so it hits home with the Easter message and love that it is all inclusive to rediscover our reason for being. :) and I was just catching up on reading posts and just happened to read your most recent from the Pleiadians and so glad they are communicating with us more and more and helping us discover and develop our roles here to help heal the earth and help with progressing our enlightenment as a world through EASE this time and interesting past times Here and here, and all the far away places. Such a significant time to be here!

Mi piace
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