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Robin Willams Answers Re Animals In Heaven

"Do not worry that you will be stripped of your animal companions,

for nothing could be further from the truth."

Ann: Robin, there have been a couple of questions regarding whether animals are on the other side and, in particular, whether you have seen Koko?

Robin Williams: Yes, that is a question that is dear to my heart because in my lifetime it was my little dogs who often were the lifeline to my sanity and continued presence in the world. Some of this I mentioned in my October 7, 2019 post as well as the one on Koko, but I would love to expound here further, for I know there are many of you who are held together, held in check, and held in love and comfort by your animals. How sad it would be if these spirits were lost to us in death.

What I want you to understand is that the concept of death is not as you seem to be understanding it in the way you pose these questions. Death is not a stopping of life but a transition from one plane to another. Our planet is a grand experiment where we are asked to somehow turn away from the ego that claims that our animal needs are all that count. Nevertheless, we are animals as well as conscious being so we share our transitions with our non-human friends.

Non-human animals have the same transitions we do, and some who have suffered at the hands of humans or been traumatized by natural circumstances need rehabilitation as do many of us when we pass. They also, as do we, have purpose, they come here to revisit the life, not so much in a conscious manner but as a nonverbal understanding of their roles on this planet, some as helpers some as guardians some as seers, some as explorers, and some as companions and guide.

Koko’s role was that of translator. It makes me laugh to think of how much we think we taught her. It was she that was learning to communicate with us so that she could impart what we could not learn in more instinctual and intuitive ways. It was a difficult and isolating existence being a strange being in a strange land, but her role at which she excelled, was to demonstrate to us the love instill in all god’s creations and hopefully encourage us to look for that love in species unlike our own but created by the same hand.

So do not worry that you will be stripped of your animal companions, for nothing could be further from the truth. We all work together, and the divisions you see in your current incarnation do not exist on this plane. Perhaps your animals may greet you in a different form, perhaps they may not look he same, but spirits who have loved never lose each other, and you will not lose these connections.

January 8, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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