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Robin Williams: Dancing With The Angels

"Just look up! They’re lots of angels dancing with you.

What a sight!"

Ann: Robin, you wanted to talk?

Robin Williams: Sure did, and don’t worry that I’m gonna wear you out with my fast moving speech or at least in the way I used to be able to do because up here it’s even faster because we don’t need words. Just think of it as e-thoughts whizzing by, zinging craters off the moon and bouncing off stars in galaxies unknown. You can’t imagine it ! I am in heaven, here I am, I am dancing, here I am, and I am telling you that this dance is not restricted to those who have passed but are being danced by many of you down there. Just look up! They’re lots of angels dancing with you. What a sight!

Ann: Robin. For God’s sake, slow down. I have no idea what you just said or if I even got half of it down.

Robin: Still haven’t lost the old riff chops for dummies, huh?

Ann: Robin…

Robin: Geez, and I was having so much fun…

Ann: Yes, hate to be a wet blanket, but I can’t think, let alone type, that fast. I’m exhausted just listening to you think or whatever it is that you do. What was it you want to say here?

Robin: Oh, just hello, haven’t had a chat in a while, and your readers are a terrific lot. So many of them have been through hellish experiences and still come up smiling and thinking of others.

But most of us don’t start that way. “I see,” I think.” “I am.” Each one of us comes in thinking that we are the sun, and everything and everybody else are just minor objects in our orbit. “ I.” That’s the sun, everyone comes in that way and is knocked down from day one until we realize that “I” am not very important. “We” are important. And it takes a lot of hard knocks for us to make it to the shore of that little epiphany.

What I want to say is that the hell of uncertainly, want, and hunger that the globe is going through now is the school of hard knocks that is needed to get us to reach that conclusion, not just with our lips but in our hearts. Speaking for myself, I never quite got it done and was losing the capacity to see the trajectory, though over and over again I tried to live the central truth that only love is real.

Please don’t forget that. These times are staggering in the depth, breadth, and speed of the changes that are being asked of us. What I want you to know is that these changes are just a return to reality, the reality of a loving universe where connection and contribution are what count. These concepts are within our grasp and can be breathed in and brought down into our centers until we know, I mean really know, that this is where we live in truth. I am asking for your help. Look for this truth on every corner, in every thought you send out into the universe. When we cannot touch each other, when we “social distance,” we will come to see how our togetherness as a unit, a multi-faceted unit, is what makes us real. We will have no completion as we isolate in our little homes, in our mansions, or on the street corners where we beg until they drag us away, until we begin to see ourselves as part of the Great Union. And as we lose our physical togetherness, we will begin to see that great metaphysical truth, our yearning to be re-united will help it come to pass, and then we will dance with each other and with the angels.

Welcome the vision, please. You will not regret it.

March 29, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Mar 30, 2020

Maybe he was one of these I saw dancing when I looked up. : ) Birds have been appearing to me a lot these days, and one crow checks in my window daily.


Mar 30, 2020

Thanks for the beautiful reminder Robin and Anne! You never fail to make me smile : )

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