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Robin Williams: Deliberate Unconsciousness

October 21, 2019

Anita called me to say that Robin wanted to talk to me. I didn't respond. Then one morning recently when I was waking, I heard him say that he wanted to talk about deliberate unconsciousness. OK, I thought, everyone could use some help with that. But it wasn’t everyone he was talking about, it was me. And it became clear that I have a lot of work to do. But it is not just about me. Every one of you has the ability to see, hear, feel, sense. Listen to what Robin says, see if it resonates with you. There is so much that we don’t allow ourselves to know and could if we would loosen our minds and listen. As you will see, this doesn't come easily to me.

October 12, 2019

Ann: Hi Robin, Anita says you want to talk. I’m pretty tired, not sure whether I will be able to hear you clearly.

Robin: Hello, Ann. As Richard says, sometimes we do our best work when we are tired. Certainly I found that to be true even though the fatigue that developed was usually soul deep and could not be thrown off by a successful riff or a smile from a child. Nonetheless, these things did lift my spirits and encourage me to continue on my way in spite of what was increasing difficulty concentrating and a brain more and more out of reach.

A: What did you want to say? I don’t think I can do this, not really hearing you very well.

R: Yes, all right, let’s wait till later.

October 14, 2019

R: Can you hear me now? As they say…

A: Yes, loud and clear.

R: Watch the “Hook” movie, then come and let’s talk. It has much to say to all of us on the planet now but particularly to you. I have been concerned that you are using these gifts to the exhaustion of your own life in the world. It’s easy to do I can tell you. Just go to work, put life on hold, don’t let the “little” stuff get you down, go find an audience. I did it time and time again, and you are doing it now in using this forum to create a pseudo-spiritual contact instead of tending to your own.

A: Did you do that?

R: Yes, and quite a nice dodge. We have more in common than might at first appear. Watch the movie, you will see how applicable it is to this conversation.

October 15, 2019

A: OK, watched most of the movie, couldn’t quite finish it, but I will. However, I get your drift. You said this morning that you wanted to talk about “deliberate unconsciousness.” I guess there’s a lot of this in the Peter character in Hook and in the Christy character in “What Dreams May Come.” You have something you want to say?

R: Yeah, I loved both of these movies for very different reasons, and both took an amazing toll on not only on my character but also on my personal inner life. Both characters engage in deliberate unconsciousness, that is, the almost conscious keeping at bay those elements of life which are too threatening to allow to arise to the surface. It’s a great dodge, because, as the man said, you don’t know what you don’t know so it seems like a get-out-of-jail free card.

But we don’t get out. Willful ignorance is just the reverse, that is, a tether to the ego, to the set of circumstances that keeps us on this side of spirit, unable to reach out because, hey presto, that goblin could jump out from behind the curtain at a matinee, and we can’t have that if we want to stay in control – and in business.

Ann, you are using me, Richard, and the gang to channel some powerful truths, to participate in the evolution of life to death to life again, and your work is valued. But then you go back to your life as if these openings had never happened. You have to give yourself permission to really see, to feel what you have transcribed. You complain that Anita and Dave can work in the present while you have to go back to your lair to write down what we give you.

It does not have to be this way. You just have to want to see as did the Christy character who finally gave himself permission to see, to be willing to leave his unconscious state long enough to let the soul-busting truths come through - and not just on paper, but into your being where your essence will never be able to shut this knowledge out again.

This is what you say you want, and I know that on one level you do. But no one understands better than I of the distracting qualities of the fast paced story, the riff, the receiving of multiple voices to exclusion of real reception at your core level. I perfected it, smashed up against every barrier until I collapsed in exhaustion and then did it again. The funeral speech in “What Dreams May Come” forced me to stop, to stay on message, to look, even through the eyes of an imaginary character into deep and irremediable loss. I could barely stand the pain, and it wasn’t even my life.

You too suffer from overwhelming empathic ability and so run back to deliberate unconsciousness as your shield because there that seems downright terrifying.

A: What?

R: How would I know? You can’t know what you don’t know. But it’s there.

A: What was yours?

R: Oh damn, you would do that, and now if I don’t answer what kind of guide would I be? I was no good, Ann. I was the family screw-up even though they didn’t see it that way. I was only at ease with children and animals, never really could relax with other people except a few trusted soulmates like Christopher Reeves.

I saw my soul as an unending abyss. Don’t step over the edge, chief, cause you’re never coming back. Many a time I thought that sounded like a good idea, but - and I want you to be clear about this - I never, never succumbed to this temptation though its power was mighty. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was what I had been given to make people laugh that kept me on the planet, but I never seriously considered it until the end when I knew what awaited me and, more importantly, my family. I have told you before that I do not regret it and indeed I do not. Those other times would have been cowardice, an avoidance of the lessons to be learned. But my actual ending had the peace that passeth all understanding behind it and never have I suffered a moment’s regret or hear a harsh word from anyone here.

You are now where I was, treading water for the most part, dipping your head under the water for a quick peak of someone else’s experience and then back to the surface. This is not safety. You are hiding in your room and not trying out your new commitments against real life. That is where the real adventure lies. Yes, it is wonderful that you have the gift of hearing. But now you must allow yourself to have the gift of sight and understanding as well so that you can use this gift to benefit others who have yet to find their own voice.

A: You aren’t talking about trance medium work, are you?

R: No, you are not ready for that, but you could see more than you do if you would allow yourself to acknowledge your abilities and to wrap close around you the protections that you have been offered. Yes, it will affect your body and your vibration frequency. In that state you may feel that you are in some sort of constant delusion, but such will not be the case. The voices that I heard so constantly would not let me alone, but your brain does not run on as fast a track, and you will always be able to turn away if you want.

A: No, I won’t.

R: No, you won’t. Sorry. Who am I kidding? Once the eyes are opened they cannot be closed. You do not have the pace, the furious onslaught that affected me, entertained me and others and exhausted me, but still you will not be able to turn it off. Do you want to go there?

A: Yes, most of the time, but just being with people exhausts me so profoundly that I spent today doing nothing. I cannot imagine having these voices as constant companions in addition to the people in my life.

R: And you will continue to allow yourself that recovery time which could become more expanded as your access grows. You will become accustomed, and you will achieve a new normal. This you need to do to enter fully into the new world and work that is calling you. Open your eyes to see at every opportunity. At first just the slightest shadow, then the figure in faded form, then the smile, whole tone, the sorrow and then the soul.

A: Thanks, Robin.

R: Sure thing, chief.

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What a beautiful resonates with me. Thanks for the pep talk Robin!

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