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Robin Williams: Falling Off The Wagon

When we find ourselves moving off the dime,

away from the spirit of holy communion –

and when we do so deliberately –

we need to look at what is causing us to think that poison feeds us

and light filled nectar threatens.

Ann: Robin? Jesus and Michael say it’s the real you.

Robin Williams: Good morning, Ann! (Sounds like the “Good Morning, Vietnam” voice.) It is indeed the real me, or at least as much of that real me that I have been able to excavate both in my time on earth and in my travels since then. And I have traveled widely - planets, galaxies, dimensions, you name it. Wait till you get a load of what is waiting for you! It is mind-blowing in every sense of the word.

It is, in fact, why so many of us on the planet cannot seem to keep up with our well-intentioned resolutions, not just exercise and diet - these are just the tip of the iceberg - but our life resolutions, where we put our attention, how we connect with our higher natures.

So many times we are drawn off into distractions. I, as you may recall, was the king of distractions. Riff after riff after riff I allowed myself to be drawn off into an endless stream of rapid fire consciousness.

Yes, there was some gold in them thar hills, and I would see it as it flashed by but often could not hold on or even recall those flashes of brilliance so enmeshed were they in the rushing stream.

It was entertaining, I must admit, not just for an audience but for me as I watched in amazement as I let the matter backed up in my brain and in my psyche cut loose. It was as if I opened not just the mill race of a raging river but blew a hole right through the middle of the dam and let the flood water rush over me.

It was a gift and also a distraction. If, as sometimes happened, after such a flood, as I waited for the waters to calm, I could see the light-filled messages rise to the top, shimmering in truth, and beautiful in the dying light of another day.

Sometimes I heeded those messages, but many times I did not. I did not want to slow down. I wanted to stuff myself with all that was happening in my life, shovel into my being every experience, every flavor that was at my disposal - even when those flavors had poison at their core.

I let drugs and alcohol dim the light that was sometimes too bright to bear. And, "Why not?" I thought, those tools were mine to command – or so I imagined.

When we find ourselves moving off the dime, away from the spirit of Holy Communion – and when we do so deliberately – we need to look at what is causing us to think that poison feeds us and light filled nectar threatens.

In many cases, certainly in mine, when the light asks everything of us, our little selves cannot bear to give up our own little kingdoms. We lose the ability to discern where our interests lie, and turn to the known, the reliable, and the predicable, all of which bring instant pleasure and relief - and then long term destruction.

Drugs and alcohol are only two of our methods for keeping our divine nature at bay. No doubt each of you can name your own particular poisons.

And let me say that sometimes they serve to keep us grounded when otherwise we might be flung out into an unbalanced state in the cosmos where we can no longer cope with the demands of the human form in all its complexities and requirements.

The trick is balance. Knowing when you can take no more expansion without disorientation or even explosion and move into the restorative forms of distraction in your life. Sometimes food, sometimes work, sometimes spending time with friends, children, animals, or some of the many projects that are required to keep daily life moving.

Ann: OK, Jesus, Michael, someone, I need help. I am feeling a dramatic drop into fatigue, sleepiness. What is it? Is Robin going into somewhere else or am I not wanting to hear what he says? Please help me.

Jesus: Go back, finish with Robin. They wanted you to stop and pulled you down into distractions and lured you into your own “pleasures” so that you would take a break and give up on this very important message. Robin is all right, still there, just covered by the fog makes you think that you can balance divinity with self-indulgence rather than self care. It is not so and must not be considered. Go back.

Ann: Jesus, yes, but what about the balance that is required to maintain human functionality?

Jesus: It must always be wrapped in layers of divine protection. When you take a break, eat what really feeds you, not what takes your down, read what lifts you forward or gives you a positive outlook, not that which buries the Divine in self-gratification.

Balance is important but human functionality rests on the premise that everything is of God, so do not indulge in distractions that are not so focused.

Look to the rune you pulled today, Eihwaz,* Yggdrasil, The Tree of LIfe, and continue with Robin.

Robin: OK, as the man says.

As you transcribed the words above, you felt their downward drag. Let us regroup and say instead that, while it is not possible for human beings to always be in an exalted state, they can keep the Divine pedal tone in all that they do.

You are feeling the drag still. Instead of giving in, going to sleep, or turning to the distraction of food or novels, spend time with that which is holy. Rejoice that you are learning to distinguish physical needs from sabotage, for this is what is happening to you now. You have opened this morning to the flood of energy which comes from my essence and have taken on some stowaways of the darker variety in the process. So:

Step one. Identify.

Step two. Counter.

Step three. Dispel.

You have managed one and two, having trouble with three because the pull to sleep, eat, or otherwise check out is attractive to you. What can offset this attraction? Come on, girl, this is your job, figure it out!

Ann: Key into the essences of brightness in my life, pictures of children the joyful communion of souls among them, my brethren of the fields and forests just outside my doorway, the horses and other animals that bless the land. These are where joy and balance lie. Go to them not to the darker temptations. Receive the light they offer, and let it cleanse me.

Eihwaz, hold onto Eihwaz.*

Robin: Amen.

April 22, 2022

*Eihwaz, ᛇ, Yew Tree, Yggdrasil, the creative force that unites each and every divine iteration.

Free Image Credit: John Herring, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Apr 22, 2022

I must say I agree with my friend Laurie. I was thinking yesterday that we hadn't seen or heard from Robin for awhile and - voila! Yes, excellent timing, as was this very very important message [ for me anyway ]. I send gratitude and love to you and Robin Ann. Thank you both so much. 😊💜💚

Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

Laurie! Thank you my friend. I've missed you too! I hope you and Darci the wonder dog are well. I'll write soon. Much Love ❤️️


Apr 22, 2022

Ah....impeccably beautiful timing. More often than not lately, when thinking about a few of those you channel, Ann, they come through - it's amazing, encouraging and so very appreciated.



Apr 22, 2022

That was so helpful and makes so much sense, thank you for sharing Ann!


Apr 22, 2022

I will reread this over and over. It will sink into me. It already is. Thank you.

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