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Robin Williams FromThe Other Side

Ann: Hi Robin, how’s it going?

Robin: Amazing, just amazing, Ann. You would not believe what they have you doing around here. It’s just one miracle course after another where we learn where we’ve been, why we went there, and how it worked out. I have been through several reviews already but they just keep coming.

Initially we look at the last incarnation, what went right, what needs improvement, etc., etc. etc. No one yells at you, they just help you look at what choices you made in coming to the planet and how the mission went while you were there.

Ann: How does that work?

Robin: Well, you don’t get a grade or anything. You just work on those aspects of your soul that need to be shored up so that you can plan your next steps.

Ann: Are you coming back?

Robin: Yes, I think I will. Not right away and not sure in what form, but I understand now the depth of despair that is caused by separation from Source, and I want to be a part of healing that wound.

Ann: You already have, Robin, still are.

Robin: I hope so because Source is the only thing that feeds us, that makes us whole, the elemental force that powers our unique contributions to the universal tapestry.

Ann: You contributed a tremendous amount when you were here. I can’t think of anybody else in the public eye who has done so much.

Robin: Oh, there are plenty of others, but most of them you wouldn’t know. We see them here, those unsung heroes and heroines who quietly made the world a better place - and not necessarily in the ways you might think.

For example, I thought those ministering to the sick and poor were the real angels among us, and that is certainly true, but there are others, quiet people, some who barely make a ripple on the tide of humanity but whose deep spiritual development touches us all. We don’t see them, but their energy patterns affect us, lift us up, and elevate planetary frequencies.

Contrary to popular belief, most of them are not hoary monks or hermits sitting in their caves chanting “Om” - though maybe some are and I will get to meet them some day. Some of them are children, even infants, who come in with a vibration that makes everyone smile. Some don’t live very long but accomplish a great deal that is never seen but is nevertheless felt as a part of a groundswell on the planet from like spirits.

Some are scientists who through their work manage to touch some elemental chord underlying God's marvelous creation. In doing so, they release its harmonics into the atmosphere for the rest of us. Sounds weird, doesn’t it, but when you’re over here, it makes perfect sense.

And I’m running on at the mouth….

Ann: And sending out some raised frequencies of your own to share with us.

Robin: Yes, I hope so, Ann. Thanks for taking my call.

Ann: My pleasure, Robin. My privilege.

October 22, 2020

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1 Comment

Amy David
Amy David
Oct 23, 2020

Robin, if you come back will you forget what you are learning now and repeat the same mistakes? I ask because we were in heaven before and yet we come to earth not connected to Source. Do you think that next time you will understand that connection and never lose it? I wonder why we don’t in this life know that better.

Thanks for sharing what you are learning. We miss you but we are happy you are in heaven being being so happy.

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