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Robin Williams: I Am So Happy!

"My life, like yours, was just one stepping stone among many

in the journey toward the Christ form."

Ann: Robin, I have felt your presence for several days, sorry to have taken so long to get here.

Robin Williams: That’s alright, I myself have been occupied with a flurry of holiday shopping experiences, you know, a yuletide here, a blessing there, comforting the crazy, and flat lining the rich, just the usual holiday rush.

A: I thought you said you would go slower for me - and what’s with flat lining the rich?

RW: Just the way a riff sometimes goes off the rails when you let it flow of its own accord. And yes, you heard me correctly, I guess it was kind of alarming. But I didn’t mean knocking off the rich, but instead bringing them down to the flat line of earth that encompasses us all on this planet.

A: Ok, if you say so…. Was there something else?

RW: Well, about that holiday shopping. The Christ Child was not an extraordinary little boy I have been learning now. He was simply the result of eons of backing and forthing between the life and death experiment of what works and what doesn’t. I have been reflecting on my own experiment, wild and ordinary as it was in that one life, and now see that it was just one stepping stone among many in my journey toward the Christ form.

Jesus was and is like you and me, just with a lot of lifetimes under his belt and a willingness to see what he saw. So many of us close our eyes or turn away when reality invites us - or in my case slap us in the face - with the inability of mortal man to achieve anything beyond his own limitations - until, that is, he or she opens and receives from universal source.

Have you tried it? I can recommend it, it is glorious - the incredible relief of laying down the burdens that were never ours to begin with! We have not created even a flower and yet we seem to think that the whole burden of the universe rises and falls with our own little egos. Enlightenment is just saying no – with apologies to Nancy Reagan. She was an old dear, wasn’t she? Her world rose and set with Ronnie and yet he was just a poor substitute for the real thing. We all of us look to find a substitute, but there is no such thing. The Christ lives within us and asks only to be recognized with the joy that he offers in union with the Divine. I should know, I tried a myriad of escape hatches to avoid that one glorious truth which is now surrounding me with the most incredible love.

So I thought I would impose upon Ann to let you guys know that I am working my hairy little ass off to try to reconfigure my internal landscape so that I can do better next time and so that in the meantime I can let you know that we live in a beyond-words reality that offers us love beyond our wildest imaginings. I am so happy, I am so happy and I want you to be happy with me.

December 8, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 comentários

Amy David
Amy David
09 de out. de 2020

He’s really giving us the courage to live a new way. It’s changing me.


David Johnson
David Johnson
11 de dez. de 2019

You can't doubt its Robin when he says things like: "I thought I would impose upon Ann to let you guys know that I am working my hairy little ass off to try to reconfigure my internal landscape so that I can do better next time." That's Robin.

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