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Robin Williams to the Rescue!

"When we expose our faults with a laugh,

we make common cause with others on the planet who struggle,

and all of our demons grow smaller."

Ann: Hi Robin, couldn’t sleep after posting that rather flippant conversation with Jesus. Really, how could I talk to him like that – and worse yet, put it out in public? You seem to be offering some advice, yes?

Robin Williams: Yes, indeed, I wrote the book on flippant, irreverent, obnoxious, rude, and generally out of bounds. Believe me, when I got here and managed to belly crawl through the transition with all my associated baggage, we all had a good laugh about all the lines I crossed.

Jesus, Ann, is like you and me but better in that he’s gotten where we’re trying to go. But believe it or not, he still working on going further. Why do you think he comes back here to help us? This is his work, his mission which everyone has once they have settle in here.

Right now you, your readers, and anyone else I can reach with what I am learning have become my mission. Everybody likes to laugh, and Jesus is no exception. Gotta say that I was shocked that my antics had been enjoyed by the heavenly host, but so it was. We keep with us what was best when we pass, and I have been, once again, set free to run with what I am.,

You spoke to Jesus as you think, as you feel, with no barriers. For many years you said almost nothing because you knew it was probably not what other people where thinking. O boy, do I understand that. Why do you think yours is a channel that I wanted to use to communicate my experience? Silence is self-abnegation, self-censure, and self-murder. When you let your words, however irreverent, flow, as long as your heart is not cruel, you will not come to grief.

A: Robin, I have nothing like your talent.

RW: No, you have your own as do we all. You have, as Richard would say, an odd kick in your gallop, but you are finding that as long as you are true to your soul, it resonates with others because you are telling the truth of your experience, and, when you do that, others see their own parallel truths and find themselves easier to accept in life because they are not alone. So when we expose our faults with a laugh, we make common cause with others on the planet who struggle and all of our demons grow smaller.

You have been set free. When you put your unedited story out there, you form a community of people looking into their own souls. We don’t need to expect ourselves to be perfect, we just need to be. And if we cross a line or two in the process, well, that’s where the great stories start.

December 9, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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