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Robin Williams, Travelling

"A spirit once created does not die but instead evolves."

Ann: Hi Robin. You said you have been travelling. Can you share?

Robin: I would be delighted to do so, Annie, if only I could remember the experiences in words. You would not believe what those crystals can do to a person’s, ok a spirit’s, sense of time, space and location! What a trip!

I was in school, but no little desks in a row for us, no sirree, we go all over the place. We get to spend time with our selves (the real self), our previous life journeys, what we are doing now, and how we can turn our learning from our most recent life into a blueprint for our activities in this sphere and perhaps for the next incarnation.

As you know I hop in here from time to time to speak with you and your readers, to make sure somebody still knows my name, and drop a choice tidbit of wisdom here and there. Then I get yanked back into the education part of the program and find my vision still expanding until I can see our creation as much larger that I had first supposed – even after I arrived here.

And I have not even begun to see its edges. Even here, on the plane where I now reside, we must prepare ourselves to receive various levels of communication safely without tearing down the matrix we have so carefully put together after death. Eventually it will give way to a wordless knowledge of the center of creation, but for now those at my level need it to lean on the constructs we are building along the way.

Ann: Kind of like my wine and chocolate?

Robin: Very similar props, bless the evil heart of that Richard Burton who has been tormenting me since I arrived with the many tricks we performers can use to tease and unsettle one another.

Ann: Sounds unpleasant.

Robin: Oh no, not at all, just a friendly ribbing from one member of the family to another. Rather made me feel at home actually.

All of us, wherever we are, are engaged in expanding, in raising our levels of perception so that our field of vision becomes unlimited by material boundaries. It is, however, a process which can be encouraged but not rushed.

Nothing is gained by leaving a level before preparation for the next is in place. Richard has indicated to you that Michael and Thor are in your life now to provide you with a little buzz, a marker to which you can return which feels like home but which is in fact a bit higher level that your customary plane. This is providing you with a home base of sorts.

Every single one of you can do this. First imagine your helpers, then suspend disbelief regarding their reality, then wait to feel the change around you, the tingling sensation on the side of your head, the breeze, the lighter atmosphere, and sometimes the words or visions. Both before and after crossing we are offered the help we need, so why not get a head start to grease the skids on the other side when you arrive?

We are real, my friends, a spirit once created does not die but instead evolves as I have been learning in many iterations as I travel.

For now I am happy to be back in the fold and will take my newfound perceptions out for a spin whenever you will allow me to impose upon you here.

Ann: No imposition, a privilege always. Thank you, Robin.

October 7, 2020

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1 commentaire

Amy David
Amy David
08 oct. 2020

It’s interesting that he mentions using crystals in the afterlife. I have a few but I was thinking they are used primarily on earth. I didn’t think about spirits using them as well.

so much to learn. Thank you Robin for teaching us so much in these blogs.

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