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Robin Williams: Questions Closed, Thanks to All

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Update January 5, 2019: Thanks to all who submitted questions. I will be posting a few more as I get to those that have been received to date but have to close off responses going forward as I am a bit overwhelmed. I had no idea how many people would have questions and want to participate. I have given preference to questions of general interest and hope that works for most of you. Again, many thanks for your many interesting and thoughtful inquiries.

I received a lot of questions for Robin Williams and started with the first one from Jeffrey:

Jeffrey: I would love to know if [Robin] has any suggestions for others suffering from depression and just what it’s like over there. Is he happier now?

Robin Williams: Jeffrey, you cannot imagine, literally, the difference between here and there, and yet we are still the same, still working on the same issues that brought us to incarnate. The difference now is that I cannot avoid, ignore, or question the love that surrounds me and always did on earth whenever I could see my way clear. My experiences there have deepened my understanding of what we are doing, each one of us one by one.

There was a mission to my incarnation as there is for each one of you. My mission was to retain kindness through suffering and bring light to others whenever I could. But it was only when my first child was born that I mustered the courage to press through the swamp.

Now my mission is to do the same for others from the broader perspective I now enjoy. What I want to say to all of you under the heavy yoke of depression is that there is a reason. I don’t know what yours is, but you do. Even under the blanket of complete suffocation that depression brings, there is a purpose. No one’s is alike. Depression was a boon companion for me for many years, and I learned that, for me, exercise work, prayer, care for others could alleviate it, but I also used harmful chemical outlets that seemed to help then didn’t. Love for my son, knowing how important it was to be there in full force for my children, that was the higher purpose that brought me to the surrender of treatment and stiffened my resolve in recovery for many years.

Why are you here? Each person has to answer that question for him or herself, and within the answer is the means and the help for going towards the solution. I do not mean to minimize, depression is a massive problem and the suffering is incalculable though invisible, and depression is designed to keep you in the cocoon of your own pain, but if you can find that purpose, you can navigate your way through.

I want to reiterate. There is a reason for each person’s existence on this planet. I can see now with unbounded admiration the courage that is required for incarnation and particularly incarnation with challenges such as this. Take the next step, then the next and keep doing it. As Fred says, you never know what will happen.

My heart goes out to each of you with these challenges. You can be the guides that help the rest of us begin to swim out of the dark mess we have made of this planet because you are fighting it mano a mano in your own soul. My heart and prayers go with you. You have help here, Spirit is here for you. Ask in whatever way is right for you. You will not be refused.

January 4, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.


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Jan 04, 2020

Intensely beautiful. Thank you.


Jan 04, 2020

Beautiful....inspiring as well. Thank you Ann and Robin.

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