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Summer Solstice: Sending Light To Tulsa

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Peter: Good morning, all. I have asked Ann for space here on her blog to speak to all of you who come here from time to time for inspiration, comfort, entertainment, or light. This time I am asking you to take whatever time you have today to send light to those in Tulsa, those who can receive it - and especially to those who cannot.

For those whose hearts are open, this light can provide a settling in their core, a reminder that Source is never far away and that Jesus, the Jesus of the Sacred Heart, walks with each and every one of us.

For those who hearts are closed, even a tiny shaft of light can create a miracle.

This light is yours to give, to activate on behalf of others, for you are all of you light workers, and I beg that you act in that capacity today. When humans gather to stoke the fires of conflict, their collective energy seeks an equal and opposite reaction. The light I ask you to send is quiet, kind, nurturing, a balm on the darkness of these troubled times.

Many of you are inclined to hear and support those who have been oppressed and who suffer and still suffer injustice, and this is a holy cause. The time has finally come for these voices to be heard. But they will not be heard if they are shouting at the top of their lungs, whether or not the words are released in speech, for energy always precedes speech and angry energy creates angry reaction.

We are heard when, as Dr. King taught us, we hold in kindness and love all who struggle on this planet. Particularly today, I ask that you reach out for those who have not chosen wisely and who have lost the light on their journeys.

Today is the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year. Whether impeded by rain or other inclement weather, its light is there for all to partake no matter our choices or circumstances.

I ask that each of you open your crown to that light, pull it into your heart and send it out with love to all those in Tulsa who face the challenges of today. We are a planet in turmoil, on fire in many ways, but with light raining down upon all of us, this fire can be the crucible for our transformation if we will allow it to do so.

Bless all those who came to Tulsa for salvation of some sort. Please let them receive more than they have asked for. Dedicate this day to peace in Tulsa – on the ground and in the hearts of all who gather there. We do not speak of friends or enemies. We speak of fellow travelers. We have walked where they are walking, and we ask that each person there see the hearts of the others in peace, love, and understanding.

We ask in Jesus's name and in the name of the Great Spirit who created us all. Amen.

June 20, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Betty Jean
Jun 20, 2020

Wonderful, needed message, prayers forTulsa and may the light flow around the world to the hearts of all God's creatures.


Jun 20, 2020

Thank you, Jane.


Jane Basehoar
Jane Basehoar
Jun 20, 2020

Thank you Peter for your encouraging words on this day of summer solstice. Sending peace, love and light of the highest order to Tulsa today.

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