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The Lena and Richard Show: Can We Be In Two Places At Once?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Once again I have been honored to channel a question from Lena Rodriguez* to Richard Burton.

Lena: If someone beyond the veil decides to take on another earth lifetime (reincarnate), can we still access them in spirit?

As an example, with the handsome, erudite Richard - should he choose to take on another earth body, could you still channel with him?

Best wishes, Lena

Richard: It is, as always, a great pleasure to work with you, Lena, (smiling) you know me so well.

I have been asked this self-same question many times, Ann comprising one of that number. The answer is, as you might expect, complicated.

How many of you speak with spirits, for example, Jesus or Archangel Michael? Clearly we are not all in the same place but, in fact, although we like to think that we are all on the earthly plane, such is not necessarily the case and we are spread out all over.

For example, many times I continue to reach out for the wisdom and the, forgive the pun, down to earth counsel offered by Michael. He is an angel, yes, and counsels me now when I am no longer bound by the earth’s atmosphere just as he tried to do when I was incarnated, and he is no doubt offering his services to many of you. He can be in an infinite number of places at once

But I, as a soul once incarnated, do not have the same flexibility. While I can communicate with many from this vantage point, and I may meet you in another form if I reincarnate, the Richard that you are speaking to at the present time will have gone silent in this particular mode of communication.

Perhaps you could cut us some slack if you are reaching out for a familiar previously incarnated guide and do not get the response to which you are accustomed, but do not be concerned for we will not leave without providing a forwarding address. Oh, not the person, place, time, or dimension of our reincarnation, but we will give you to understand that we have moved on to another assignment and will have left you with something to tide you over. You will not be abandoned.

And I hear Madame saying, “Who gives the assignment?” as if there is some deus ex machina** handing down pink slips in heaven along with employment guides for the planet.

No, love, such decisions are self-directed with input from the many who are on hand here to counsel and guide us.

But back to the matter at hand. What I do want you to hear is this:

We carry in our interior the voice of the one beloved. This will never be lost to us wherever the beloved is situated, for the true connection of soul to soul is invulnerable and eternal, evolving, but never lost.

Ann: What about multiple dimensions, alternate worlds where same folks follow different paths? You know, the quantum physics thing.

Richard: Ah yes, that thing - which is a very different question. While there may be alternative realities – not, however, let me be crystal clear, in the manner "created" by your erstwhile leader and psychopath – that is not really the thrust of Lena’s question. She wants to know if we are cut off from communication if a loved one re-incarnates, can they still communicate with us?

And the answer is yes but not in the same way. For example, if I were to reincarnate (heaven forbid, I did enough damage the last time), Ann and I would not be having these very enjoyable conversations in their current form. However, I would not be lost to her. She would feel my energy with her, and there would be others to take my place to guide and assist her in expanding her own vision wherever she may be at the time.

We evolve, incorporate, transform and expand as we go along, wherever we are. This is the beauty of the power of eternal transformation that is granted us at our inception.

May 5, 2021

**God from the machine, an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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If I may ask a question and I would not be surprised if I get 'No comment' for an answer: Does celibacy carry spiritual weight?



This is an awesome question and am grateful for the answer(s) from Richard. Thanks to all of you.

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