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The Lena* and Richard Show: What's In A Name?

Here is another Lena Rodriguez/Richard Burton question/answer column. As before, Lena submitted the below question, I relayed it to Richard, then channeled and transcribed his response.

Lena: Hi Ann

This is such fun! I have just gone over what you have sent me and am overawed that with each reading there is always something more to be gleaned.

New question:

Do we keep certain names on the Other Side? On a spirit level, do you even use names? Or are they a simple device for our poor deficient human minds?

All best wishes, Lena

Ann: Richard, would you be kind enough to respond to Lena's question?

Richard: With the greatest pleasure. Names are quite important and not too many people take the time to find out what they can gleam from looking closely at what their name means, why that one and not another, and how, if known, how their current name compares with names in prior incarnations.

As you may know, Ann has a gift for seeing letters and words in colors, and she can tell you what your name looks like in this life and, if you know it, how it differs from a name or name in a different incarnation so I will lean a bit on her input here.

“Lena” of course can be seen as derivative of several names, each with various colors, auras, and emphases. The connection to Magdalena, Miriam, the woman of Magdala is most obvious, important, and would bear further exploration which I would be happy to explore if requested.

However, by my lights what stands out just at this moment is the similarity of Lena to Leda, a Greek princess who is raped by Zeus in the form of a Swan. This can be understood to explain on some level your urge to right wrongs, to stand up for those who are downtrodden - particularly women who have been suppressed into slavery and, to the extent possible, oblivion.

With more information of names in prior incarnations, it may be possible to follow a line from one incarnation to the next, but in the meantime, Ann, tell us what you see in the aura of the name Lena.

Ann: The last three letters of the name resonate with the brilliant colors of the last three letters, green, gold, and, red for the letters e, n, and a, respectively. The vivid resonance of these letters is somewhat dimmed by the looming L which starts to cast a suggestion of a shadow over the other three but is kept on the sidelines by the primary vibrance of the name's aura.

Richard: And so we could say that in this life Lena brings light to bear on that which is customarily shrouded in silence, be it the patriarchal oppression of many eons or the disenfranchisement of the Third Eye Seers whose truth and relevance has been buried under clouds of deception and ridicule.

I will spare you the analysis of my own name heritage but suffice it to say, there is always a connection.

And yes, we have names on the Other Side as you call it, but in reality there are many Other Sides and more than one name given to us as we evolve, each of which reveals who we are and who have become in some respect.

Language, as you know, has developed into somewhat of a divisive art, but at its best it brings us back to the fundamental truths of our existence as Manley Hopkins, Shakespeare, Marlowe, and others have taught us. It always pays for us to open our minds to whatever portal we are offered into our understanding of the Divine seed incased in each human heart. Some, I admit, deeper than others. I, for one, am still in the process of excavation and following out a succession of names is an important thread to follow.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” the Bard tells us.** And it behooves us to try to find out who we are and why we carry the names that we do, for names are not "simple devices" but clues that can help us discover who we are and how we have evolved from lifetime to lifetime.

April 8, 2021

*Lena Rodriguez, Tarot Down Under YouTube.

**William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene 2.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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