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The Wrong Robin Williams?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Not too long ago I channeled a message from Robin Williams, or so I thought, but it seemed off somehow. When I sent it to Anita and Dave Johnson at Moonride, each separately but at almost the same time said that it was another spirit named Robin, not a bad guy, just different. Really? That can happen? So I tried again, more carefully this time.

"You have to not care what people think – even if only for a moment. Then you will see where your life is meant to go."

Ann: Hey, Robin. Is that you? How can I tell?

Robin: Well. Never in my life – and the many I have had in other times and places - has someone been able to slip into my skin - so to speak - and assume my personality and place at the table. Now I bear him no ill will – well, not much – but ask that you be more careful who you invite in.

A: Yeah, sure, more careful. How would you suggest I do that? For example, how do I know you are the Robin of Robin Williams?

R: Because you are getting to know me, know the cadences of my speech and the, ok, yes, frenetic energy surrounding me. That guy was sluggish, pedantic.

A: I want a sign. You know, in neon or something where you jump out in front of me.

R: You know it’s me, you just want to jerk my chain.

A: Yeah. And I still want a sign. Anita said you sent her Mork and Mindy.

R: What is this, cosmic competition, colonic drinks for two, a whirl on the tilta-wheel until the world is spinning fast enough so I arise out of the mists? For God’s sake, woman, I have something serious to say.

A: Do you now? What about my sign?

R: You know what you can do with your sign. Can we get on with it?

A: Sure. What do you want to say?

R: I want to say that I am proud and pleased that you had the guts to put up this blog and let everyone know you’re as crazy as I am, seeing things, playing with your imaginary friends, asking Mohammad Ali in for tea, and in general making a fool of yourself. Isn’t that the truest form of friendship not to mention spiritual enlightenment? Because when we let go, remove the filters, we may shock and offend, but we usually have something to say or something to reveal, and those who are left standing with us are the ones we can count on.

What I am saying - or trying to say before I was so rudely abused - is that openness, a willingness to follow where Spirit leads may look like crazy, but may be instead authentic spiritual pursuit, not of the wild asparagus or the Boars Head on the cheese, but the real deal God in the sky, Spirit in a teacup. You have to not care what people think – even if only for a moment. Then you will see where your life is meant to go. Terrifying really.

A: You should know.

R: Oh yeah, and you are getting a little taste of it now and maybe your readers will too when they strike out on their own terrifying adventures. Fear, demons, earthquakes, and cataclysms may beset you but once you hear the high clear sound that rings true in your heart, you won’t forget it – or forsake it. So keep going, sister, you’re on the right path, that’s your sign.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

November 3, 2019

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Nov 04, 2019

It seems to me this is an important lesson. Ann’s “friends” are encouraging all of us to connect with spirit, but how do we discern if the spirits we connect to are benevolent and honest with us ? I guess we have to trust our own intuition and gut.


Nov 03, 2019

I have avoided watching his movies and reading about him since that day. It's way too sad. People looked up to him and decided to do the same after he did. I'm sure he faced that. I'm ready to dip a toe and hear him again. He sounds like himself. Robin we love you. I'm sure Christopher met you. Can he come through?

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