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White Feather. Give Blessings To Mother Earth

"It is not too late to wake up."

Ann: White Feather, you have something you wanted to say?

White Feather: Yes. I come because the earth is at a pivotal time and many of you are frightened. Fear will not help you, only moving in concert with the earth’s purpose will serve you now. Mother Earth is undergoing accelerated evolutionary changes, some of which have been precipitated by the abuse she has suffered at human hands, but some also that were in process already as she moves and changes within the cosmos.

It is time to move in cooperation with these changes. Resistance will gain nothing except the escalation of the more violent aspects of this evolution. You do not want to push back against Mother Earth at this juncture in time, there is just not enough give in the system.

Actually, it was always a poor choice to set your desires above your Mother’s, but some of you have nevertheless taken what she gave you and assumed it was yours to use as you wished without acknowledging the Holy Source of all that you have received.

I ask all of you now to return to harmony with your earthly ancestor, she who provides you with all that you need to survive on this star-nourished, miraculous planet. Her air, her water, and her fertile fields, streams, and fauna has given and given of its essence to support a way of life that has become toxic to her own, and therefore your, survival.

It is not too late to wake up. Every morning if you can, or at least once a day, stand with your feet upon the ground, your hands at your sides. Breathe in what she offers you, be it sunlight, mist, or frost. If she explodes before your eyes, take cover as you must but keep your heart open to her message. Raise your arms in gratitude to receive all that she offers.

Slow down. You cannot rush a cosmic creation such as this planet, but she will talk to you if you listen. She will give you the grounding of her wisdom and strength to guide your footsteps through the strange and perilous days ahead. She can save you if you move as she asks, and, as she does so, your efforts will return to her in blessings and fruitfulness, flowers once again blooming, air and water nourishing and clean.

We are in this together. There is no such thing as going it alone or taking the gifts she gives you and trying to run your own show. There is no moving forward, no spiritual expansion without grounding in Mother Earth. Offer your gratitude, she will return it fivefold.

October 8, 2020

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Oct 11, 2020

Thanks, Karen. He is powerful. I am trying to do the same.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Oct 10, 2020

This is advice I will follow

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